Using A/B Split Testing to Optimize Your Email Campaign

How do you know if an email campaign is working?

Start with an email program that makes use of A/B testing, which will optimize your email campaign and convert prospects into subscribers by employing a more systemic approach.

When thinking about A/B testing – sometimes called split testing – the idea is to determine which subject lines, offers, layouts and designs work best to lure subscribers.

When implementing an A/B test, start with a goal, such as increasing the number of people who link to your landing page from 5 to 10 percent. Or perhaps your goal is to convince your recipients to subscribe to your offers and newsletters. Regardless, have a goal in mind before starting.

How to Create a Perfect Landing Page to Collect Subscribers

A landing page in online marketing helps tell your story and create a relationship with potential customers. It's where people who have clicked on your banner advertisement, email pitch or Facebook post will "land" to learn more about your business.

Landing pages are a huge part of any inbound marketing strategy, but one with a broken link, an insipid design or a poorly conceived offer will fail. A landing page that works correctly with a well-executed design and an offer that connects with the reader will draw repeated business.

Improving Email Open Rates

The easiest part about email marketing is writing a simple message to get readers interested in your products or services. The hardest part is getting them to open the email.

Improving your open rates – the percentage of people who view your email – remains a difficult but surmountable task. Mix a combination of strong subject lines and enticing copywriting with a promise of continuing offers and a clean list, and you will having a winning campaign.

Persistence, pure and simple, helps, too.

Once you nail the program down you can achieve at minimum a 20 to 30-percent open rate. To get to that point, you need to follow these tips:

How to Create an Email List

Creating and building an email list is an essential element in any successful business. Email offers an easy, inexpensive and efficient way to reach current and potential customers while building relationships with them that can last years.

People spend up to 50 percent of their internet time in their email inboxes, according to a 2012 study. More than 3.9 billion people have email accounts, which is more than all the social media platforms combined.

That's why email continues to be the marketing channel of choice for businesses, artists, non-profits and just about any other organization looking to grow. Here's a step-by-step method that should help you create an email list in just a few hours, and offer you a road map for adding names to it every day.

Email Marketing For Your Business

In an age when customer engagement is considered a premier asset, every company needs a way to communicate frequently with current and potential clients.

The best approach to continuing dialogue with customers is email marketing. It remains the least expensive and most effective way for businesses to reach customers.

If you have never conducted an email campaign, you have every reason to start with your first campaign right away.

Email marketing allows you to speak directly to your customers, share important knowledge and present desirable content and offers.

Here are seven reasons you should start emailing today:

Monitoring Your Email Marketing Campaign

Every email campaign requires real-time, follow-up analytics that can offer important data regarding just how well your messaging is working, or determine of the messages are missing the mark.

Without data, you know very little about which subject lines found an audience, the demographics of open rates, the users' predilection for forwarding your emails and other key metrics.

A good analytical package offers you in-depth data on your email marketing program, providing you with crucial insights into your customer base and showing you whether your offers have earned any traction. In email marketing, analytics are not something you might need; they are something you have to have.

How to Request Read Receipt with G-Lock EasyMail7

Many senders want to get a confirmation from the recipient that their email was received and read. In G-Lock EasyMail7 there is no special option you could check to request the read receipt from the recipient. But you can use custom header fields to insert the read receipt in your messages sent from G-Lock EasyMail7. You can use custom header fields at the email server account level or at the workplace level.

Click on the Workplace menu in G-Lock EasyMail7.

Click on "Email Server Accounts", select the account and click Edit. Then go to the "Custom Headers" tab. Here you can define custom header fields that will be added to all messages sent from this account.

Or, click on the “Workplace Settings” and go to the "Custom Header Fields" tab if you want to insert the read receipt in all messages sent from any account within the current workplace.

Design Elements for Email Marketing

A good design can greatly improve the open rates of your email blast. And while a great subject line gets you halfway there, a clean, colorful, enchanting design can move the needle toward potential sales.

When designing email marketing pitches today, a company can't just consider how it will look on a computer screen. More than 40 percent of Americans – likely more in other countries – use smartphones as their primary device for opening emails.

Marketing emails must now be "responsive," meaning simply that emails must automatically adjust to whatever platform the viewer uses. An email built in a responsive platform will look the same overall, but its size and dimensions will change slightly based on a viewer's screen size.

12 Best Email Practices

The art of getting people to open and respond to emails begins with a strategy of tried-and-true techniques to help sell your products and services.

Every email campaign has a few key main elements: a list, subject lines and inbox content. The first element you build through client contacts. The second, subject lines, needs to entice. Finally, content must convince.

It's a one-two-three punch that works together to boost sales and add new customers while strengthening relationships with existing clients.

Four Tips for Building an Email List

Before starting an email list, you first need an email marketing platform. G-Lock EasyMail7 integrates with your customer database while offering sender and list management software in a highly secure, reliable environment.

Best Practices in Email Marketing

Have you been reluctant to use email to reach potential customers? If so, consider that a recent poll revealed that 72 percent of American consumers prefer digital pitches to any other kind of marketing.

This response is no different from those in other parts of the world. Before jumping into email marketing, however, you need a strategy that will yield results rapidly and inexpensively.

Start with the careful selection of a software vendor. It is preferable to look for a solution that is both simple to use and understand, and one of the easiest solutions is Windows-based G-Lock EasyMail7.