5 Pieces of Advice on How to Restore the Sender’s Reputation

This is the guest post written by Donald Fomby.

With so many startups, firms and international companies utilizing email marketing as a means of raising brand awareness, some will inevitably become more welcome than others in inboxes across the globe. Whether you have an already developed email marketing strategy in place or are looking for ways to generate relevant leads by introducing it to your business model in the near future, the sender’s reputation of your campaigns should be taken into account.

Enhance Your Email Deliverability With These 6 Actionable Ways

This is the guest post written by Nick Dimitriou.

You have created a great looking email, worked hard on getting the graphics right and ensured that your email looks good on all devices.

Wouldn’t it be a pity if it was not delivered to your subscribers’ inbox and ended up in their spam folder instead?

Deliverability is a hot topic for email marketers. Email providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail & Outlook are constantly innovating on how to provide the most productive email inbox to their users, as this is a very competitive market.

Designing HTML Email for Better User Experience and Deliverability

When creating an HTML email for a newsletter, email designers have to consider a lot of things. First of all, they should think about rendering across different email clients and applications.

Fortunately, most email users read email messages only in a few email clients. The recent Litmus report provides statistics on email client usage where you can see that there are only a few major email clients like Microsoft Outlook and Apple and web-based clients such as Gmail, Outlook.com and YahooMail stand out.

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If you are an online marketer, business owner or someone who is looking for creating your own email newsletter and sending it to your subscribers or clients, then you should be seeking for software to help you design and send newsletters. Certainly, preparing an email newsletter and delivering it to thousands of contacts one by one can be hard and time-consuming task. That is why you need newsletter sending software.

How to Collect Data from Inbound Emails and Insert It into MS Access Database

When you are running an online business, you most likely maintain a database with the customers’ names, email addresses, order numbers, activation keys, purchased products, postal addresses, phone numbers, and other personal information you may gather. This huge amount of data needs to be processed when the order is received and needs to be updated if a customer changes the email address or leaves the company.

G-Lock Email Processor helps you collect the data from incoming email messages and add a new record to your MS Access database or update data in the MS Access database based on a received message. The MS Access database can reside on your local computer or on your network.

How to Parse Restaurant Reservation Emails Automatically

Using your website to drive restaurant bookings?

G-Lock Email Processor offers an automated solution that allows your restaurant to parse reservations coming as emails and aggregate data into one place.

Whether you are receiving booking emails from your own website, or other 3rd party sources, you can extract all the information from those emails, and send it to a variety of tools to ease your booking processing tasks.

How to Automate Inbound Lead Management

If you have a variety of lead generation channels — it could be your brand websites, 3rd party sites, affiliates — you may think it is time to automate your lead processing workflow.

Multiple lead generation forms often send lead data to your Inbox in different presentations. What it does is it puts you into the dependence on the developers to process and automate the import of the leads into your CRM. Plus, it limits the number of additional lead generation channels you can utilize.

What if you could automate the processing of your inbound leads coming from different channels without reliance on your developers or IT team?

How to Build and Maintain a Clean and Valid Email List

Mailbox providers consider many things when deciding whether or not to deliver your email to the recipient's Inbox. One of those things is recipient engagement.

There are two main components that determine engagement:

  How your subscribers like your content and mailing frequency.

  How clean and valid your subscriber list is.

Obviously, if you aren't sending to real people, then there is nobody to engage or act on your emails. And, more importantly, it's a signal to ISPs that you're not a conscientious sender.

So, how do you build a valid email list of engaged users?

How to Extract Repeating Text Blocks from Emails

Extracting repeating text blocks from emails is something that people do very often.

In case you are selling products with your own web shop, you probably receive an order confirmation or purchase order by email each time you made a new sale. Most of the time, those emails contain important information about the order like the Order ID, the shipping address, the ordered items, the buyer’s name, etc.

Email Header Parser and Analyzer

What is Email Header?

Email is composed of the body which is always preceded by an email header.

Email headers are lines of metadata attached to each email that contains lots of useful information for forensic investigators; from where the email came and how the message is reached its destination.

An email header also contains particular information about the email sender and receiver, date, subject, etc.