How to Automate Inbound Lead Management

If you have a variety of lead generation channels — it could be your brand websites, 3rd party sites, affiliates — you may think it is time to automate your lead processing workflow.

Multiple lead generation forms often send lead data to your Inbox in different presentations. What it does is it puts you into the dependence on the developers to process and automate the import of the leads into your CRM. Plus, it limits the number of additional lead generation channels you can utilize.

What if you could automate the processing of your inbound leads coming from different channels without reliance on your developers or IT team?

How to Build and Maintain a Clean and Valid Email List

Mailbox providers consider many things when deciding whether or not to deliver your email to the recipient's Inbox. One of those things is recipient engagement.

There are two main components that determine engagement:

  How your subscribers like your content and mailing frequency.

  How clean and valid your subscriber list is.

Obviously, if you aren't sending to real people, then there is nobody to engage or act on your emails. And, more importantly, it's a signal to ISPs that you're not a conscientious sender.

So, how do you build a valid email list of engaged users?

How to Extract Repeating Text Blocks from Emails

Extracting repeating text blocks from emails is something that people do very often.

In case you are selling products with your own web shop, you probably receive an order confirmation or purchase order by email each time you made a new sale. Most of the time, those emails contain important information about the order like the Order ID, the shipping address, the ordered items, the buyer’s name, etc.

Email Header Parser and Analyzer

What is Email Header?

Email is composed of the body which is always preceded by an email header.

Email headers are lines of metadata attached to each email that contains lots of useful information for forensic investigators; from where the email came and how the message is reached its destination.

An email header also contains particular information about the email sender and receiver, date, subject, etc.

Email Parser Software: Automate Your Business Workflow

A lot of businesses receive dozens if not hundreds of emails per day. Many of those emails contain data that must be processed immediately. It can be purchase confirmations from an online shop, web forms submissions, subscriptions, status checking and warning messages from a legacy IT system, etc.

Accumulating this kind of important data somewhere in your Inbox is not ideal. This is where email parser software G-Lock Email Processor will help you make your business more efficient by automating your daily business tasks.

Email List Validation: Why is it Important for Email Marketing

The importance of email list validation can't be exaggerated. But it’s often missed by businesses and individuals that go in for email marketing.

What does email validation mean? It's a process that verifies whether or not an email address is deliverable and valid. That is when you send an email message to a recipient, the message is actually delivered and does not bounce because of the invalid user.

Some marketers don't think bounce emails are a serious problem. However, it is. The primary reason why you should validate your email list is because the bounce rate directly affects your sender reputation.

Skyrocket Your Open Rates With Irresistible Email Subject Lines

Reading, answering and deleting emails has become a significant part of an average office worker’s day. Studies show about one quarter of employees’ time is spent on emails, and each receives around 108 a day.

Those statistics come from research by McKinsey Global Institute and International Data Corp. and Radicati Group. As astonishing as these numbers are – and some people might laugh at 108 a day, receiving twice that or more – the statistics point to how incredibly difficult it can be to cut through the clutter with a message that works.

Top 11 Best Web Analytics Tools

Analytics have always been a part of a business. Tracking of clicks, taps, swipes, form submissions, page views, registrations answers the business questions that actually matter, in real-time.

How many people hit your home page and convert to paid customers? How many drop off? Which step of your registration is making them go away?