How to Automate Inbound Lead Management

If you have a variety of lead generation channels — it could be your brand websites, 3rd party sites, affiliates — you may think it is time to automate your lead processing workflow.

Multiple lead generation forms often send lead data to your Inbox in different presentations. What it does is it puts you into the dependence on the developers to process and automate the import of the leads into your CRM. Plus, it limits the number of additional lead generation channels you can utilize.

What if you could automate the processing of your inbound leads coming from different channels without reliance on your developers or IT team?

G-Lock Email Processor allows you to automate inbound lead management and the population of your CRM with new leads directly from your mailbox. You can easily set up our email parsing software for processing different types of email messages sent by each of your lead generation channels.

In G-Lock Email Processor, you can create specific parsing “rules” for each inbound lead source, and get the same output format for all, no matter how the original data looks like.

How to Automate Inbound Lead Management

Because you can set up your “rule” and start parsing out the email data in minutes, you have the ability to get a custom solution, without expenses for developers. It allows you to look for new lead generation channels, as you can simply create a new “rule” for each new channel and still receive the same output, thus, easily enhancing your lead generation efforts.

When you get your prospects and leads in the same format, you have several options what you can do with this data. You can simply save leads to an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file. Or you can send it to a database like MS Access, MySQL or MS SQL.

Our email parsing tool can check if the contact already exists in the database and if it does, G-Lock Email Processor can update the contact information if necessary.

How to Automate Inbound Lead Management

In addition to that, G-Lock Email Processor allows you to send a message to the subscriber after they are entered into the database.

With G-Lock Email Processor, you can automate the insertion of your lead data into your preferred CRM, thus increasing productivity, accuracy, and save time for email parsing and contact creation.

We offer a free trial in order you can see our software in action prior to any commitment.

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System requirements: Windows® 10 Windows® Server 2008 or higher

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