How to Choose the Right Delivery Service or SMTP Relay for Email Marketing

Choose the Right SMTP Server for Email Marketing

EasyMail7 is hybrid in-house email marketing software for Windows. It doesn’t replace your existing SMTP relay or delivery service. It works as a powerful front-end to email delivery services and SMTP relays and transforms them into fully functional in-house Email Service Providers with the highest level of data security. You can easily switch email sending services without losing your contact list, autoresponders, and other data.

Why Email Reigns Supreme Over Social Media

An avalanche of media attention has been focused on the alleged marketing juggernaut of Facebook, Google + and Twitter.

Facebook has 1.5 billion users and a devoted following – the average American user spends 40 minutes daily on the platform. They spend around 20 minutes in the gym.

Google +, not nearly as potent, still has a commanding audience of millions. Twitter signs up 135,000 new users daily and experiences 2.1 billion searches of its content every day.

12 Statistics On Email That Will Amaze You

Social media has been getting plenty of headlines as a growing platform for reaching people with products and services.

Yet its reach and effectiveness continue to pale in comparison with email. The quickest way to reach potential customers in a direct and personal way remains through the inbox. Even as mobile takes off, email remains the king of communications since all those people on all those devices are spending much of their time…reading their emails.

Seven Things Not To Do In Your Next Email Newsletter Campaign

Email newsletters are great for reaching current and potential customers. They can remind readers of your existence on a monthly or weekly basis, and give them useful and entertaining information on subjects related to your products.

Or they can turn people off and have them heading for the unsubscribe link as fast as possible. Many newsletters run the risk of being by turns offensive or in most cases simply boring, offering little content that is relevant to readers. How do you avoid the trap of irrelevance? Here's seven things you should avoid at all costs when crafting your next email newsletter.

Seven Tips For Optimizing Email For Mobile

Optimizing Email For Mobile

When crafting messages for campaigns you have to keep in mind that many of your recipients will be seeing them on a mobile device such as a cell phone.

As many as half of all emails may get their first looks from customers checking their email on their phones. That means the real estate available for verbiage and images is significantly less than a typical email read on laptops and desktops.

How to Identify a Bad Email List and Convert It into a Good One

Email is still one of the best ways to contact your subscribers and prospects and convert them into buyers. The research shows that the customer conversion via email has increased by 4X in the last few years.

But email is effective if you send to people who want to hear from you. If you send to a "bad" list, your marketing efforts are useless and can have a negative impact on your business because:

Six Ways to Integrate Social Media into Your Email Campaign

While email remains the primary vehicle for many companies to reach customers and prospects, social media has emerged as potent force.

Combining both platforms makes sense and it's not terribly difficult to leverage them together to reach the highest number of prospects. Doing so will take strategy and tactics that allow you to build upon each element of the campaign.

In a recent survey by Ascend2, marketers reported that 41 percent of marketers incorporated social media into their campaigns, ahead of blogs, direct mail and public relations.

Remove Bad Emails to Improve Your Inbox Delivery Rate

Sometimes good email marketers who practice regular email list hygiene are not able to deliver emails to a specific ISP because of a temporary email block at the ISP. In this situation, the emails usually bounce with the “too many invalid email addresses” error.

In most cases this happens when email marketers engage into risky list building tactics hoping to grow their lists quickly. But legitimate email marketers should understand that list quality beats quantity in the long term.