12 Statistics On Email That Will Amaze You

Social media has been getting plenty of headlines as a growing platform for reaching people with products and services.

Yet its reach and effectiveness continue to pale in comparison with email. The quickest way to reach potential customers in a direct and personal way remains through the inbox. Even as mobile takes off, email remains the king of communications since all those people on all those devices are spending much of their time…reading their emails.

12 Statistics On Email

A few facts— 12 to be precise—reveal how email marketing's explosion continues unabated.

  • Email kills social media. McKinsey & Co. found email is 40 times more effective in acquiring customers than Facebook or Twitter.
  • More than 91 percent of Americans use email daily. That far surpasses Facebook or any other media platform, McKinsey reported.
  • Email prompts higher purchases. An email is three times more likely to prompt a purchase than a social media message. On average, email-initiated purchases are 17 percent higher in value.
  • Marketers prefer email. By a margin of more than 25 percent, marketers call the ROI of email "excellent" or "good," clearly trumping social media in a poll conducted by Ecoconsultancy. Studies show email continues to be the best method to acquire new leads – 88 percent cite email in one report.
  • Customers act after receiving email. Harris Interactive found customers like receiving targeted emails, with 81 percent of digital shoppers reporting those messages made them more likely to make additional purchases while visiting brick-and-mortar or online stores.
  • Mobile email works. Conversion rates are hard to come by, but Loyalty 360 found 36 percent of email mobile messages are opened.
  • Email volume makes the numbers in the national deficit look small. Corporations globally send 354 billion messages daily.
  • Spam isn't cheap. Sure, email has a downside. Corporations on average spend $3 million annually to fight spam, according to MarketingLand.com.
  • Email has an astonishing return on investment. Experian reports every $1 invested email returns $44.25 altogether.
  • Businesses love sharing email they like. The Ernest Agency reports 72 percent of B2B recipients are likely to share useful email.
  • Email is the preferred marketing vehicle. Around 77 percent of one study's respondents say they prefer to receive marketing messaging via email.
  • Email is still growing. Internationally Radicati reports email users grow 12 percent a year. That's a lot more potential customers!

Bounce around the web and you will read dozens more factoids that all reflect one clear reality – email, one of the oldest forms of digital communication, is still the most effective way to reach clients and prospects. So keep using it!

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