7 Creative Ideas to Follow up with New Customers

7 Creative Ideas to Follow up with New Customers

For any business or marketer, expanding target audience, acquiring new customers and growing business is a top priority. Thus, you are focusing your efforts on creating a beautiful landing page with the subscription form and an irresistible offer people can't miss. Then you are marketing your products and services to your subscriber base to turn them into buying customers.

Now the vital question comes up: how do you make your new customer come back? How do you get them stay with you and ultimately buy more from you?

A good first impression is an important step towards a long lasting relationship with the customer, but you need to anticipate the deal by showing your customer how you care about them and gain their confidence.

They will return the favor by staying loyal customers and spreading the word of mouth about their great experience to their own audience. Thus, they will bring new customers to your base.

Here are 7 ideas for inspiration how to follow up with your new customers:

1. Send a warm welcome message.

One of the great ways to start building a long-term relationship with new subscribers is sending a welcome message. With WPNewsman, you can customize your welcome message with your own logo and content. Each time a new contact subscribes to your list, they will automatically receive your welcome message.

A good welcome message should include:

a warm and friendly introduction;

a reminder what they will receive in future mailings;

a guarantee of their data privacy and security;

your personal signature with contact details.

Here you can find more ideas of how to design a perfect welcome message.

2. Send a "thank you" message after purchase.

Thanking new customers for their business is a great way to show them how they matter to you. The best "thank you" email is personal and offers the customer an incentive to come back.

Consider making your "thank you" email original. You can create a quick video showing your appreciation, or make a fun photo of you and your team and include it into your "thank you" email. You will be rewarded for your time and efforts by future purchases your customers will make.

Then, encourage your customers to do business with you again, for example, give them an exclusive time-limited discount for another product that will be beneficial to both parties.

3. Strengthen relationships with an autoresponder series.

Autoresponder lets you create a series of automated emails that are sent to a contact after they are added to a list. The benefit of an autoresponder is that once you create a series of emails and set them to be sent with the desired frequency, you may not bother about it anymore. The tool will handle the process automatically. Here you can read how to use an autoresponder to send automated emails in EasyMail7.

Create autoresponder in G-Lock EasyMail7

An autoresponder is especially helpful for introducing new contacts into to your business right from the start. This is your chance to indoctrinate them into your personality, provide valuable information that demonstrates your expertise, and remind them of the easy ways to connect with you.

If you decide to send an autoresponder series, here are 10 ideas to effectively employ autoresponders.

4. Offer help.

Even if the customer has bought something from you, there is a chance they are not aware of other products or services you offer. Do you offer any complement services or products that can help the customer solve a problem or accomplish the task? Or did you release a new product that could be helpful to the customer? Consider offering these products at a discount to existing customers or create a bundle aimed at new customers.

Stick to the personal, less promotional tone showing that you strive to help your customers address their problems, needs, or specific interests.

5. Send a survey.

As a marketer, you want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to retain the customers and make them come back and buy again. Asking for the customer's feedback is one way to show the new customer that you are open to suggestions, critique, compliments and you value their opinion whatever it is.

This is also a great opportunity to ask questions that will give you an understanding of who your customers are, how they use your product, whether they have any troubles and need assistance and remind them the ways they can connect with you.

6. Plan events.

Events are a great way to make people come back. Think about what is coming up for your business in the weeks ahead and how you can involve your customers in any upcoming event. Whether you decide to run a giveaway, or lottery, or contest, make sure your customers are aware of it. The good idea is to allow customers to register for the event in advance so that you can send them a reminder prior to the event.

7. Include links to your social profiles.

Your social channels give the customers the ability to revise your content to have a better sense of what your business is all about. It is also a great source for your new customers to read what other people are saying about your business and products. By sharing links to your social profiles, you will drive traffic and increase followership, which means more readers of the information you are sharing.

Email and social media work well together. Create a template with the buttons to your social media channels at the bottom and use that template to create email newsletters. With EasyMail7, you can add your social links in the Settings and then merge appropriate tags into the message so readers can share your emails on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Merge social links in EasyMail7

Strike while the iron is hot. Do not make your new customers freeze. With these 7 tips in mind, you can follow up with new customers and continue offering them the best experience your competitors can't.

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