G-Lock EasyMail7 Web Client

G-Lock EasyMail7 has built in Web Service and offers a RESTful interface for consuming JSON content via AJAX or mobile clients.

We included the basic demo web client into the program installation which shows how to create a RESTful JavaScript client.

In the current version of the web client you can:

  • compose an email message from a template or draft;
  • compose an email message from scratch;
  • send an email message to one or several groups;
  • save an email message as a draft;
  • edit and delete templates and drafts;
  • view contacts in internal and external groups (databases);
  • view sent emails in the Outbox.

10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Email Open and Click Rate

All the marketing talk these days is about social media. Of course, social media is a powerful tool, it’s great for people engagement but it's not the best way to drive sales. The research shows that an old good email newsletter is still far more effective than social media in attracting customers to your products or services online.

Email is effective because it’s permission-based. People on your list have given you the permission to send them email messages. And, with the popularity of smartphones and tablets, they're always online. Email is the number two activity for people on their phones. What's more, customers who come to businesses via email tend to shop more and spend more.

How to Save Money and Speed up Message Sending with G-Lock EasyMail7

Sometimes our customers complain about slow message sending with G-Lock EasyMail7. We investigate the issue and often discover that the problem is in a big message size and slow Internet connection the user has.

In most cases the big message size is caused by images used in the message. If the message has several images with a big size, so you can expect your message will "weight" much.

The solution is to optimize the images and upload them to your web server.

I did a case study to demonstrate you how the optimization of the images and uploading them to a web server helps decrease the message size in almost 10 times, and consequently, speed up the message sending and save you money for data traffic if you are sending through a paid SMTP server like Amazon SES.

Read about my case study below.

Bulk Email Marketing Software for Business

G-Lock Software, a leading internet software company recognized for their commitment to creating highly innovative, reliable and affordable products for businesses of all sizes, is pleased to announce that they have developed a new email marketing solution for Windows. G-Lock Software provides you with the unique bulk email marketing software for permission based email marketing. G-Lock EasyMail7 was specifically developed to save your time and money and eliminate the complexity and expense of operating a third-party email service and outdated mass email tools. It gives you the competitive advantage to boost online sales through email marketing without the high costs.

Desktop Email Verifier vs Online Email Verifier Service Review

When it's time to clean your email list from invalid email addresses, you have the choice of using a desktop email verifier software or an online email verifier service.

In this article we'll give an overview of a desktop and online email verifier so that you can choose the best option for you.

Ease of Use

When it comes to the ease of configuration and use, an online email verifier service is preferable especially if you are not a computer's techie. All you need to do is to buy a package and upload your list to their database. They will send you the verified list back in a few days.

Desktop email verifier software requires time, efforts and some advanced knowledge for the installation and configuration.

Data Safety

If you choose an online email verifier service, you must upload your email list to a 3rd party database. Many people do not want to share their list with a 3rd party and this is the primary reason why they prefer to use a desktop email verifier program. When you use desktop software, your email lists are maintained safely and securely on your local computer.

Real-Time Email Verifier from G-Lock Software

If you use email marketing as a way of communication with your subscribers, clients or customers, then it's important for you to maintain a clean email list with valid contacts.

Advanced Email Verifier from G-Lock Software is desktop email verifier software designed for businesses and individuals who collect email addresses and send newsletters to their subscribers. Our real-time email verifier is a viable solution for standard message delivery errors and high bounce rates you receive from your email service provider. The program verifies every email address from your mailing list and reports back with easy to understand verification results and status codes. Advanced Email Verifier helps reduce bounce rate by removing invalid addresses from your list or database.

Compared to online email verifier services, the Advanced Email Verifier is more affordable as you don't have to pay more as far as your list is growing. You pay only once for the license and you can verify as many email addresses as you need. No limits per day! And you don't have to upload your email lists to a 3rd party database and wait from several hours to several days for the task to be completed. With our Advanced Email Verifier your lists are maintained securely on your local computer and the verification goes in real time.

How to Create and Send Newsletter Using G-Lock EasyMail7

In this post we give step-by-step instructions for how to send email newsletters using our email marketing software, G-Lock EasyMail7.

In a nutshell, our bulk email marketing solution for Windows provides all you need to create and send personalized email newsletters at your desktop.

This guide assumes that you have already installed G-Lock EasyMail7 onto your computer and activated it. If you have not done it yet, you can download G-Lock EasyMail7 at this page.

Email Validation Rules Explained

Although the Advanced Email Verifier has a very good email validation success rate, it is simply not possible to guarantee a 100% accuracy level due to certain factors that are beyond our control. The level of accuracy you can obtain depend on the inbound SMTP connection policy of the remote ISP or ESP, reputation of the incoming connecting IPs and many other factors.

To save your time and protect your IP address from being blocked, we added rules for certain email addresses and domains that force the program to automatically mark the email addresses as "Bad" or "Unknown" without even trying to validate them.

In this article we give the detailed explanation of why certain email addresses/domains are excluded by the rules and what to do if you still want to validate them.

We’re Giving Away 4 Licenses for G-Lock EasyMail Business Edition

The giveaway is closed and the winners are picked. The following users will get the license for G-Lock EasyMail Business edition:

Roberto Rubin
Kumaran Balachandran
Ghosst My
Arora M P Singh

Plus, we would like to give the free license for G-Lock EasyMail Business edition to the user Omer Sharif Ibney Hai who was the first to take part in our giveaway and left a great comment on our site.

Our congratulations to the winners and Thanks to the rest for participating!

'G-Lock EasyMail Business Edition' software is used to create and send email campaigns at the user's desktop. People who want to have the complete package of features to manage their in-house mailing list, send personalized email newsletters, and process bounced emails install G-Lock EasyMail and use it for managing their email campaigns.

G-Lock EasyMail has no recurring fees and no limitations on the number of recipients which makes this software the most cost effective and popular among email marketers.

Best Practice of Using the G-Lock Email Verifier

Understanding our Email List Hygiene, Verification & Validation Process

Our Email Validation Software like any other email checker tool can determine about 70-90% of bad email addresses. Advanced Email Verifier connects to the email addresses mail server, as part of the validation process, and asks if the user exists but NEVER send an email to the recipient. If the recipient’s server gives the response that the user exists, the Advanced Email Verifier marks the email address as good. If the mail server says that there is no such user, AEV marks the email address as bad. This means that the Advanced Email Verifier classifies the email address depending on the response of the recipient’s mail server.