Best Practice of Using the G-Lock Email Verifier

Understanding our Email List Hygiene, Verification & Validation Process

Our Email Validation Software like any other email checker tool can determine about 70-90% of bad email addresses. Advanced Email Verifier connects to the email addresses mail server, as part of the validation process, and asks if the user exists but NEVER send an email to the recipient. If the recipient’s server gives the response that the user exists, the Advanced Email Verifier marks the email address as good. If the mail server says that there is no such user, AEV marks the email address as bad. This means that the Advanced Email Verifier classifies the email address depending on the response of the recipient’s mail server.

But some mail servers are configured so that they always give the response that the user exists. This means that you may get a number of false positive results and may receive bounced emails after you sent the message to the email addresses determined as good by the Advanced Email Verifier. To process bounced emails, you can use the Bounced Manager module in the Advanced Email Verifier.

The accuracy of the verification depends on:

– whether or not your IP address is listed in Dynamic IP blacklists;

– whether or not the computer where the Advanced Email Verifier is installed has properly setup authentication records such as FCrDNS and PTR records.

If you use the Advanced Email Verifier on a computer which IP address is blacklisted and/or which has no proper authentication records, you should not expect accurate verification results.

Do not use the direct Internet connection mode if you installed the Advanced Email Verifier on a local computer. This mode can be used only if you install the program on a Windows VPS or Windows server with proper PTR and FCrDNS records. Otherwise, your IP can be blacklisted if you try to verify email addresses from the yahoo.*,,, and domains which require the user’s IP address to have proper PTR and FCrDNS records, or you can get a lot of connection refusals (“Unknown” results) because most SMTP servers refuse direct connections from personal/home computers. See also

You can get the highest accuracy in list cleaning if you install the Advanced Email Verifier on a Windows server or Windows VPS with a good IP address and FCrDNS and PTR records properly setup. On a local computer, consider using an alternate connection mode, for example, web script or BPSocks email validation API (Settings -> Connection).

The best practice of using the Advanced Email Verifier is:

1. Verify your list and delete "Bad" email addresses from it. 

delete bad emails from the list

2. Save all other types of emails such as Good, Unknown, Timeout, and Greylisted to a file. You can see the explanation of email verification results here.

save verified list to a file

3. Send the message to Good, Unknown, Timeout, and Greylisted email addresses.

4. After the email is sent (in a few hours or on the next day) run the Bounced Manager in the Advanced Email Verifier to process bounced emails and save bounced emails to a file.

5. Delete bounced emails from your list.

To delete bounced emails from your list:

1. Create a new list in the Advanced Email Verifier under My Lists.

2. Load bounced emails into the new list.

3. Click the right mouse button on the list with bounced emails.

4. Select “Delete [Bounced] emails from” and then select your main list.

delete bounced emails from the list

You can run the Advanced Email Verifier to process bounced emails during 3-5 days after you send your email campaign because bounced emails may arrive within 3-5 days.

Important! The verification of not opt-in lists (lists purchased or harvested on the Internet without the user permission) is prohibited by the program license and will put you on a blacklist. The free version of the Advanced Email Verifier is limited to 100 email addresses to prevent the program abusing.
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This software is a must have in your emailing arsenal. It is simple to use but very powerful and the support is always available through live chat and very reponsive. Remote assitance is also provided when needed.

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