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Best Practice of Using the G-Lock Email Verifier

Understanding our Email List Hygiene, Verification & Validation Process

Our Email Validation Software like any other email checker tool can determine about 70-90% of bad email addresses. Advanced Email Verifier connects to the email addresses mail server, as part of the validation process, and asks if the user exists but NEVER send an email to the recipient. If the recipient’s server gives the response that the user exists, the Advanced Email Verifier marks the email address as good. If the mail server says that there is no such user, AEV marks the email address as bad. This means that the Advanced Email Verifier classifies the email address depending on the response of the recipient’s mail server.

Process Undelivered emails with Built-in Bounced Manager

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Process Undelivered emails with Built-in Bounced Manager

With the Bounced Manager module included in G-Lock EasyMail you can easily process bounced messages after your email campaign is complete. The Bounced Manager provides you with the most accurate bounce detection solution.

It downloads your bounces, classifies them, extracts the email addresses and saves the addresses to a file. After that you can delete bounced messages from the server.

With one mouse click you can add bounced emails to the Exclusion list of the group or database in G-Lock EasyMail Address Book and not send future emails to these contacts anymore which means you will prevent your IP from being blacklisted for repeated sending to invalid email addresses and keep your good sender reputation. Plus, your future email campaigns will be sent faster because G-Lock EasyMail won't waste time for trying to send the message to invalid emails.

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