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Advanced Email Verifier
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 11 reviews
 by Mike Smith
Excellent Product and 1st class support

This software is a must have in your emailing arsenal. It is simple to use but very powerful and the support is always available through live chat and very reponsive. Remote assitance is also provided when needed.

 by Ronen Ben-Hai
Fabulous product

AEV is a fantastic product. It saves us so much trouble my eliminating any 'problem' email addresses which keeps us in good relations with our mass email service. The only thing better than the product itself is the support that G-lock Software provides. I've never had better. It is immediate, personal and results-oriented. Can't say enough good about these people, most especially Julia Gulevich. Seriously.

 by Ronen Ben-Hai
Fantastic Product

AEV is a fabulous product. Works like a charm. But even better is the support that G-Lock Software provides. Whenever I have had any problem at all, be it my own stupidity or a problem with the software itself, there is always an immediate reply to my query and a solution offered. I cannot begin to tell you what a pleasure it is to have proper support in these days of indifference. I cannot recommend this product highly enough or the tremedous people that stand behind it.

 by Mike
best bulk email verifier software

i tested the software with some good and bad emails that i have and verity , the result match them , i recommended to anyone else, easy to install, and you don't have to deal with antiviruses program that block most of other email software.

 by Adrian Page
Great Program and Super-Quick Service/Support

Installs easily and is very simple to use.

Verifies the majority of emails and what it does not, allows verification in the Bounce Manager.

Had a little trouble exporting but one email to support opened up a Teamviewer dialogue session and the young lady resolved the issue for me in seconds.

A very good Software Purchase and Support Set-up and I would highly recommend.

 by John Train
Effective & Fast Software Program

I am a long time user of G-Lock EasyMai & Advanced Email Verifier. Both programs are very well designed and what you do not understand or require help with is answered by Julia in Support overnight via email.

AEV and the Bounced Manager module work together to eliminate bad emails which can increase a mail list unnecessarily and take time to sort it all out. AEV & Bounced Manager save me money and time which in my books, makes it a great piece of software.

 by Dany Pedneault
Great piece of software!

Advanced Email Verifier allows us to effectively send our newsletter while keeping our reputation high, and our spam score low. Works as advertised and really fast.

 by joseph
Excellent Progam and Best Customer Service

Advanced Email Verifier helps me send out effectively monthly newsletters, cuts down time on dealing with invalid email addresses and helps better utilizing WPNewsman and GLock EasyMail

 by Baseballguys
Great stuff!

We are extremely pleased. We cleared up a old 800,000 contact list from 2 years ago down to 310,000 therefore helping us not get banned from sending sites

 by Emmett Moore
Good Software

Excellent tool. Actually, its an indispensable tool. Though I wish it had built in IP rotation. Got my IP banned by accident.

Do not use the direct Internet connection mode if you installed the Advanced Email Verifier on a local computer. This mode can be used only if you install the program on a Windows VPS or Windows server with proper PTR and FCrDNS records Otherwise, your IP can be blacklisted or you can get a lot of connection refusals (“Unknown” results) because most SMTP servers refuse direct connections from personal/home computers. On a local computer use an alternate connection mode.

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