version 8.6.0, September 11, 2018

Changed: email validation method via API.

version 8.5.1, March 19, 2018

Updated: BPSocks email validation API URLs.
Removed: BPSocks email scrubbing API.

version 8.5.0, May 6, 2017

Changed: “Buy API Key” link in the Settings -> Connection.
Improved: Bounced Manager rules.
Latest upstream components updates.

version 8.4.0, March 2, 2016

Improved: Bounced Manager rules.

version 8.3.9, September 11, 2015

Updated: BPSocks validation API URLs.
Updated: DNS server list under Settings -> DNS.
Updated: Bounced Manager.

version 8.3.7, June 25, 2015

Updated: BPSocks validation API URLs.
Updated: validation rules under Settings -> Rules.

Improved: Bounced Manager.

version 8.3.6, May 29, 2015

Changed: statuses for the “Automatically recheck “Unknown” emails (times)” option.
Changed: BPSocks API URLs.

Removed: “Verify Email Addresses -> Unknown from API” option in the Start menu.
Improved: Bounced Manager.

version 8.3.2, April 15, 2015

Removed: Scrubbing+Validation API mode.
Changed: email scrubbing API URLs.

version 8.3.1, February 19, 2015

Improved: work with BPSocks email validation API.

version 8.3.0, January 22, 2015

Improved: work with BPSocks email validation API.
Improved: Bounced Manager.

version 8.2.3, December 1, 2014

Fixed: Bounced Manager classifies bounce emails with the “Retry time not reached for any host after a long failure period” error as soft bounce.

version 8.2.2, October 29, 2014

Fixed: the “Delete message from server” and “Move message to folder” setting was set back to “Keep message on server” when you opened the account settings in the Bounced Manager.

version 8.2.1, September 24, 2014

Updated: Rules Settings.
Few improvements in the checking engine.

version 8.2.0, August 12, 2014

Added: “Automatically recheck “Unknown” emails (times)” option to the Settings -> Connection. This option can be used when you verify email addresses through BPSocks email validation API. BPSocks implemented the automatic credit refund for “Unknown” statuses.

Added: “Verify email addresses -> Unknown from API” option to the Start menu.

Added: email addresses with the “MailboxTemporaryUnavailable” server response are classified as Greylisted and can be re-checked during one session if you check the “Recheck GreyListed emails in one session” option in the Settings.

Improved: Bounced Manager.

version 8.1.6, June 17, 2014

Fixed: “Stream Read Error” when editing a database connection on some systems.

version 8.1.5, June 3, 2014

Added: Disposable Email Addresses (DEA) to the Rules (Settings). According to the rules the program automatically marks Disposable Email Addresses as bad.

Increased the speed of verification of email addresses through BPSocks email validation API.

version 8.1.4, February 27, 2014

Fixed: “MemData: Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset” error during the import of emails.

version 8.1.3, February 20, 2014

Updated: Bounced Manager module.

version 8.1.0, June 25, 2013

Added: possibility to validate email addresses through the BPSocks Email Validation API for the users whose internet provider blocks the port 25 and who do not have enough knowledge to install the Advanced Email Verifier on a Windows virtual private server (VPS).

Added: rules to exclude from the verification “role addresses” and some other domains which sometimes may blacklist the IP address the verification goes from.

version 8.0.4, April 15, 2013

Added: ability of the Bounced Manager to decode and extract email addresses from FBL reports sent by AOL, Comcast and other ISP that remove the recipient’s email address from FBL reports. This is possible when you send emails using G-Lock EasyMail7 software.

version 8.0.3, January 5, 2013

Fixed: "No value given for one or more required parameters…" error when switching from one list to another.
Improved: checking engine.

version 8.0.2, August 29, 2012

Fixed: error "Unable to verify list name. The Microsoft Jet Database Engine cannot find the input table or query 'List'. Make sure it exist and that its name is spelled correctly" when using the "Verify All My Lists" from the Start menu.

version 8.0.1, August 24, 2012

Fixed: "Delete Account" in the Bounced Manager did not work.

version 8.0.0, August 21, 2012

Added: Bounced Manager to process bounce emails: hard bounce, soft bounce, mail block and abuse/fraud feedback reports. Plus, the Bounced Manager can determine and delete these types of emails: transient bounce, challenge-response and auto-reply messages.

Added: "Check Email Syntax" option to the Settings -> General.

Added: "Enable Rules" option to the Settings -> Rules.

version 7.3.2, July 23, 2012

Fixed: work with proxy list

version 7.3.1, July 20, 2012

Changed: when socks connection mode is selected AEV will resolve socks IP into hostname and use it for "Domain Name for HELO" and ignore this field in the DNS settings.

version 7.3, July 18, 2012

Fixed: AEV can't setup a new Database connection

version 7.2.5, July 5, 2012

Increased: the maximum number of simultaneous connections to 1000 (for fast computers).
Updated: country database.

version 7.2.4, June 29, 2012

Fixed: the program cleared the whole list when the user selected to clear only specific emails (bad, unknown etc.) from the list.

version 7.2.2, April 10, 2012

Fixed: the program did not cleared filtered emails from the list.

version 7.2.1, March 14, 2012

Added: ability to verify email addresses stored in a MS Excel file without export-import. 
Fixed: verification of emails through the web script. The program gave the "List index out of bounds" error on some email addresses.

version 7.2.0, February 10, 2012

Added: ability to add rules for mx records (Settings -> Rules). Example: mx:**.

Added: "Mark as Greylisted" action to the Reply Code Rules (Settings -> Reply Code Rules).

version 7.1.2, November 14, 2011

Fixed: export to an Excel spreadsheet.

version 7.1.1, October 26, 2011

Improved: work of the web script. The script did not determine correctly the PTR record for some domains.

version 7.1.0, October 21, 2011

Fixed: the Import Wizard did not work correctly with Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 files.

Removed: "Use Random Mail FROM" and "Use Random Domain name for HELO" options in the Settings (DNS).

version 7.0.2, September 20, 2011

Fixed: the program did not work through a proxy server if the proxy required username and password.
Fixed: Import Wizard did not work with Excel 2010 files.

version 7.0.1, September 5, 2011

Added: compatibility of the web script with older versions of PHP
Added: ability to test the web script directly from the program
Added: testing the domain where the web script is located for Forward-confirmed reverse DNS (FCrDNS)

version 7.0, August 23, 2011

Added: ability to use random proxy servers from a file to verify email addresses.
Added: ability to verify email addresses through a web script.
Added: ability to select the interface(s) that will be used to verify email addresses.
Added: ability to use random "Domain name for HELO" and "Mail FROM".
Added: "Recheck GreyListed emails in one session" option in the Settings.
Added: ability to save the verification results to the local files after checking emails from an external database.
Added: "Do not load" and "Do not check" rules to the Rules settings.
Added: "SMTPCode" field that shows the code of the SMTP server response.

Increased the speed of the Import Wizard (the Import Wizard works 5-6 times faster).
Increased the size of the internal program database (you can load up to one million emails into each list).
Increased the speed of connection to huge external databases.

and many internal improvements.

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