Desktop Email Verifier vs Online Email Verifier Service Review

When it's time to clean your email list from invalid email addresses, you have the choice of using a desktop email verifier software or an online email verifier service.

In this article we'll give an overview of a desktop and online email verifier so that you can choose the best option for you.

Ease of Use

When it comes to the ease of configuration and use, an online email verifier service is preferable especially if you are not a computer's techie. All you need to do is to buy a package and upload your list to their database. They will send you the verified list back in a few days.

Desktop email verifier software requires time, efforts and some advanced knowledge for the installation and configuration.

Data Safety

If you choose an online email verifier service, you must upload your email list to a 3rd party database. Many people do not want to share their list with a 3rd party and this is the primary reason why they prefer to use a desktop email verifier program. When you use desktop software, your email lists are maintained safely and securely on your local computer.

Email Validation Method

Desktop and online email verifiers use the same email validation method. They simulate the message sending to the user's email account without the user knowing it. They wait for the response of the mail server and mark the email address based on the recipient's mail server response. If the mail server says that the user exists, they mark the email address as good. If the mail server says that the user does not exist, they mark the email address as bad.

In addition, some desktop and online email verifier tools can check the email syntax, determine and delete role accounts.

Accuracy Rate

Just like email deliverability, the accuracy of the verification results depends on the IP address the connection to the recipient's mail server is made from. If the mail server does not trust the IP address the connection is made from and rejects the connection, the email address cannot be verified and in most cases it is marked as unknown.

When you use an online email verifier service, you don't need to care about your IP address reputation because the verification is run through the 3rd party servers. Online servers must watch about their servers' IP reputation to produce rather a high accuracy.

When you use a desktop email verifier program, the accuracy of the verification results depends on the reputation of the IP address where an email verifier is installed. If the IP address is not listed in dynamic IP databases and has proper PTR and Forward-Confirmed Reverse DNS records, you can expect a high accuracy. If the IP has a bad reputation, do not expect accurate results. The best results can be achieved if you install a desktop email verifier on a Windows server, or Amazon EC2, or Windows Azure with proper PTR and FCrDNS records.

Another danger is spam trap email accounts. Neither desktop software or online email verifier service can identify spam trap addresses and when a connection is made to a spam trap account, the server always gives the response that the email address is valid. Next you will send messages to valid email addresses including spam trap addresses. As soon as your message hits a spam trap account, the script parses your message, extracts all IP addresses from the message header and links from the body, and sends complaints to abuse addresses. As a result, the IP address you sent the message from ends on a blacklist. That's why we DO NOT allow to use our Advanced Email Verifier to check purchased, rented or harvested email lists that are likely to contain spam trap email addresses.

Real-Time Email Validation

Desktop email verifiers use a real-time email validation and you get the results almost instantly. Online email verifier services have turnaround terms and after you uploaded your list into their database, you have to wait for a few days to get the verified list back.

IP Address Protection

Many online email verifier services claim that their service is completely web based and your IP address will not be banned. Yes, it's true. As well as it's true for desktop email verifiers. Your IP address won't be added to spam databases.

But there are other block lists maintained by ISP and if the connection from your desktop email verifier does not look like a connection from a mail server (misses PTR and FCrDNS records or goes from a dynamic IP), your IP address will be added to a kind of a local blocklist. So, all email addresses from the ISP where your IP is blocked will not be verified.

List Size and Pricing

Online verification is more resource intensive as online services must maintain a good reputation of their servers. So, online email services are more expensive and charge you depending on your list size. Thus, the price for the verification of 100,000 email addresses is around $150. And you have to pay each time you need to verify a new list.

Desktop email verifiers are more affordable as you pay only once. The prices vary from $35 to $99. And you do not need to pay more as far as your list grows. You can verify as many email addresses as you want without any limitations.

So, where is the golden mean?

It's Advanced Email Verifier from G-Lock Software. It's desktop software which is integrated with BPSocks online email verification service. You have your lists stored securely on your computer while the verification is made through the 3rd party server protecting your IP address.

Like with any other online service, you have to pay for the BPSocks API key. The price depends on the quantity of email addresses you want to verify, but it is still more affordable than with any other online email verifier service. For requests more than 300K, they offer volume discounts starting at 20%. So the more volume of emails you have, the cheaper.

There is no rate limiting on their API calls and you can use your credits for as long as you wish. You have full control on how long you wish to use the credits. You can even use them for more than 1-2 years if you like.

The configuration of the Advanced Email Verifier with BPSocks is as easy as 1-2-3. You buy the API key from BPSocks and enter it in the Advanced Email Verifier Settings. Then you load your list and click the " Start" button.

G-Lock Software Advanced Email Verifier is the best solution for the users who want to keep their lists private, protect their IP address from blacklists and get a high accuracy of the verification results at a reasonable price.


Now when you know all the pros and cons of desktop and online email verifiers, you can choose the right solution. The only thing you should remember that no tool be it desktop or online can give you the 100% accuracy primarily because of spam trap accounts which are always verified as good.

To be on the safe side, DO NOT buy or harvest email lists on the Internet that potentially contain spam trap addresses. According to our policy, we do not allow to use our Advanced Email Verifier to check purchased, rented or harvested email lists.

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