How to Open URL and Save Web File as PDF

What the Rule Does

The rule extracts the URL from the email body, opens the URL and saves the file as PDF to a local folder. The rule also renames the PDF file using the current date and time as the file name and saves the file under the new name.

How to Use It

Open G-Lock Email Processor.
Click on "Open Rules Folder" on the toolbar.
Extract the rule .txt file from the zip file to this directory:
C:\ProgramData\G-Lock Software\Email Processor\Rules
Click on "Reload Rules Folder" on G-Lock Email Processor toolbar.
Open G-Lock Email Processor and create an account that the rule will monitor.
Attach the rule to the account.
Check the rule settings and adjust them to your needs. 
Edit the Field Extractor to correctly extract the URL from your email message. Save a sample .eml file to a local disk and select it as the message to debug the rule in the Rule settings. This way you will be able to test if the Field Extractor extracts the correct URL.
Edit the Field Extractor that determines the folder where the pdf files will be saved to. By default it's the root directory on the D drive (D:\).

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