What You Need "Follow-Up Email Expert" For

You can use our G-Lock Email Processor as email autoresponder software to process opt-in emails sent by a web form and email automatic follow-up messages to your subscribers. You can send as many follow-ups as you want and define custom intervals between subsequent messages. For instance, you may want to send the first email 3 days after the subscription date, the second one 5 days later and so on.

Anyone interested in your emails can now subscribe and each follow-up is automatically delivered as scheduled until they cancel their subscription or the last email is sent.

What "Follow-Up Email Expert" Autoresponder Rules Do

"Follow-Up Email Expert" include 3 email autorsponder rules:

1. "Subscribe to List1"

This rule acts as an email autoresponder. It catches subscribe emails sent by a web form on your site, extracts the subscriber's email address and name and adds the data to the database or updates the database using extracted data. 

If the subscriber already exists, the rule updates the record and sends a notification message to the subscriber.

If the subscriber does not exist, the rule adds the user to the database and sends a welcome message to the subscriber.

The rule sets the "Active" flag to each subscriber.

2. "Send FollowUp Messages"

The rule selects the subscribers from the database and sends the 1st follow-up email 3 days later after the subscription date, the 2nd follow-up – 5 days later after the 1st follow-up and the 3rd follow-up – 7 deays later after the 2nd follow-up message.

3. "Unsubscribe from List1"

This rule catches unsubscribe emails from your subscribers and sets the "Inactive" flag to them in the database.

Download Follow-Up Email Autoresponder Rules Samples (.zip file)

How to Use Email Autoreponder Rules

Extract the files from the follow-up-expert.zip file to the disk.

Open G-Lock Email Processor and click on the "Open Rules Folder".

Copy-paste 3 .txt files with rules to this directory:

C:\ProgramData\G-Lock Software\Email Processor\Rules

Copy-paste the Emails folder to the above directory.

Save the FollowUp.mdb file (sample of the MS Access database) to the root directory on the D:\ drive.

Go to G-Lock Email Processor and create an account that the "Follow-Up Email Expert" rules will monitor.

Specify the period of time to monitor your account in the account settings ["Check Account Every 15 min"].

Attach 3 "Follow-Up Email Expert" rules to the account.

Check the rules settings and adjust them to your needs.

If you need to send more than 3 follow-ups, you can copy-paste the "Select Contacts from DB for FollowUP" block and make the changes in it. To copy the block, click the right mouse button on its name and select "Copy Component".

follow-up email expert

Important! You must enter Outgoing Mail Server settings in the account to send welcome and follow-up emails.

Download Follow-Up Email Autoresponder Rules Samples (.zip file)

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