Runs as a Service on the Background and Automatically Processes Your Messages

G-Lock Email Processor can read the messages from POP3 and IMAP mailboxes. You can choose yourself the time interval for the account check. Or, you can setup the program scheduler to check your accounts at the specified day/time. Plus, there is the manual account check mode when you start and stop the program whenever you want.

G-Lock Email Processor automatically starts each time you switch your PC on and runs as a service on the background filtering your incoming emails and processing them according to your rules. Plus, you can run G-Lock Email Processor as a GUI Task Center instead of the service in the situations when you need to perform vairous operations with the data located on network drives and the service has no access to network resources.

You can develop a set of rules that determine how you want to process your incoming messages. Here is how a rule typically works:

how to process emails

  • the Message Filter tells the program which emails to catch for this rule. For example, the filter can catch the emails from a specific sender, or the emails containing specific words [phrase] in the message Subject or body and so on. The possibilities are unlimited.
  • the Data Extractor components [Field Extractor, Block Extractor and Bulk Field Extractor] extract any data from the message you want. For example, you can extract the recipient's email address, name, message date, order ID from purchase orders and much much more…
  • the Action components perform various actions with the extracted data and with the message itself — insert the data into your database, update or delete the data from the database; save the extracted data to a file; send a reply message to the recipient; forward original message etc.

You create the rule yourself and use any components you need to process your emails in the right way. After the message is processed the program can leave it on the server or automatically delete the message from the server depending on your settings.

You can setup the program to handle purchase orders, messages where the text layout is known (web forms), subscribe/unsubscribe emails, bounced emails, auto replies or any kind of messages of a specific format you may receive — which means you can fully automate your incoming email processing and focus on other business aspects increasing your profit and income while your "virtual assistant" is doing this tedious daily work.

To test whether the rule is setup correctly, you can use the Inbox Explorer inside the program. The Inbox Explorer will show the emails that you have on the server and the rules that can be applied to each message. Plus, you can use the Inbox Explorer to delete unwanted emails from the server.


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