Automatically Converts Extracted Data Using MS Windows Script

If you are familiar with the programming basics, you can use MS Windows script to perform different operations with the data extracted from email messages. G-Lock Email Processor supports Visual Basic Script and Java Script.

What's in it for you? It means you can solve any tasks, process your emails in any way you can imagine, and perform any operations with the data extracted from the messages which are possible with the use of the scripting languages.

For example, you process the subscribe requests from your customers and insert into the database the subscriber's email address, name, and date of subscription.

When filling the subscription form in, a customer may type his first name or his last name or both from a lowercase letter. For your convenience, you can use MS Windows script to replace the first lower case letter in the subscriber's name with the upper case letter.

For example, the script below replaces the lower case letter in the first name with the upper case letter [john -> John]:

function main
	Temp = Fields.FieldValue("First_Name")
	Temp = UCase(Mid(Temp,1,1))+ Mid(temp,2, Len(Temp))
	Fields.FieldValue("First_Name") = Temp
end function

No need to waste time for manual editing the user's data and reducing it to the right format!

Or, here is another example. Let's say you receive emails including an URL that you need to open in a browser to confirm something [your subscription, product or site submission etc.]. You can use the script below to automatically open the URL in the Internet Explorer:

function main
set ie=createobject("InternetExplorer.Application")
	ie.height = 175
	ie.width = 300
	ie.menubar = false
	ie.toolbar = false
	ie.statusbar = false
	ie.resizable = false
	ie.visible = true
	ie.navigate URL.Value

'Loop until IE is finished displaying the HTML
	Do while ie.busy: x=x+1-1: loop
	'Close IE


end function

As you see the possibilities for your email processing automation are almost unlimited if you use G-Lock Email Processor. You can let it handle any kind of emails with the same format [layout] you may receive and handle them in the way you need. Once created, the rules work for you hour by hour, day by day, retrieving the emails and processing them according to your settings. Isn't it what you've ever wanted?


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