Sends Auto-Responses to Your Clients

You can use G-Lock Email Processor as an auto-responder to send a "thank you" message to your subscribers. For example, a client fills in the signup form on your site to access any kind of content. G-Lock Email Processor checks your account, recognizes the email, extracts the recipient's email, name and other information, adds it to your database and sends a reply message to the client with a "thank-you" and the requested content.

It may be a link to download a PDF report, software demo version, or any other kind of content you would want to send to your subscribers only. Plain text and HTML message formats are supported. And you can send attachments with the messages too.

send auto-reply

What is great is that G-Lock Email Processor can send a message to the recipient a few days later after the message is processed. Let's say you send a welcome email immediately and 2 days later you send the 2nd message where you include an exclusive offer for your list members [for example, discount coupon for other product, or something else they can’t refuse].

Can you see the potential here? You're starting to naturally build your relationship with your prospects [did you know that “the money is in your relationship with the subscribers”?] and grow your sales.

In addition, you can forward the message to another person before or after processing — forward purchase orders to your sales department email account, support requests to your support team email address, and so on which means you don't need to waste time for manual sorting of your incoming emails.


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