Saves Extracted Data to a File

Besides updating the database directly, G-Lock Email Processor can save the data extracted from the message to a .txt file which means you can automate your email processing even if you don't have a remote database and keep your customers in your email program.

What is great is that you can merge any extracted field into the file name which means you can write different data to different files.

For example, you process bounce emails and want to save soft bounce emails to the soft.txt file and hard bounces — to the hard.txt file. You just merge the Bounce_Type field into the file name and the program creates two files in the folder of your choice — no need to create the files manually!

As the output you get a file with soft bounce email addresses and a file with hard bounce email addresses — all you need to do now is load them into your exclusion list. This require just a few mouse clicks. And just imagine how much times you would need to click the mouse to copy the email address from each bounce message and save it to the file manually — countless!

So, why not delegate this thankless task to G-Lock Email Processor and enjoy a cup of coffee while your work is being done?

And in addition to saving specific data to a file, G-Lock Email Processor can save the whole message and message attachment to the folder. You can even rename the original attachment and save it under a new name — all is fully automatically during the message processing!


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