Rules Samples for G-Lock Email Processor

  • Email Robot
    The rule checks the account for a confirmation email about the system activities on a regular basis (eg. every 10 min), extracts the data and saves it to the database. In response the rule sends either a "success" or an "alert" message to the admin depending on the received data.
  • Follow-Up Email Expert
    3 rules which process subscribe emails sent by a web form, add subscribers to the database, send follow-up emails to the subscribers and process unsubscribe requests when someone unsubscribes.
  • Open URL and Save Web File as PDF
    The rule extracts the URL from the email body, opens the URL and saves the file as PDF to a local folder using the current date and time as the file name.
  • Create Contact Item in Outlook
    Discover an easy way to automatically create a contact in Outlook using the recipient's data extracted from incoming emails.
  • Convert Email into Task in Outlook
    Learn how to quickly create a reminder in Microsoft Outlook by converting the email into a task using our G-Lock Email Processor.
  • Create Note Item in Outlook
    Microsoft Outlook provides an easy way to create notes for important events and dates. Here you will learn how to automatically create a note in Outlook using the data extracted from your incoming emails using our G-Lock Email Processor.
  • Convert Email to Appointment
    When someone sent you an email about an event but it's not an Outlook invitation, you can re-enter the information into Outlook manually…or you can easily convert that email into an appointment in your Outlook calendar using our G-Lock Email Processor.