How to Convert Email into Outlook Appointment Using G-Lock Email Processor

You may receive email messages containing data you want to use to generate new appointments in Outlook. For example, someone sent you an email about an event but it's not an Outlook invitation. You can re-enter the information into Outlook manually…or you can easily convert that email into an appointment in your Outlook calendar using our G-Lock Email Processor.

G-Lock Email Processor has the Distributable version of Outlook Redemption. Redemption supports Outlook 98, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

In addition to converting an email into an appointment in Outlook calendar, using Redemption in G-Lock Email Processor you can create contact item in Outlook, turn email into task in Outlook, create note item in Outlook, and perform other actions with incoming emails.

Below is an example of the code that you can use in G-Lock Email Processor to turn email into an Outlook appointment:

function main()
set Session = CreateObject("GLSMAPI.GLS_RDOSession")

 set Appt  = Session.GetDefaultFolder(9).items.add 'olFolderCalendar
 Appt.SendAsICal = false 'send as RTF rather than iCal
 Appt.Subject = Fields.FieldValue("Subject")
 Appt.Body = "Test Appt Body"
 Appt.Start = #20/1/2012 9:30#
 set Recip= Appt.Recipients.Add(Fields.FieldValue("Email"))
 Recip.Type =olTo 'required attendee


end function
You do not need to have Outlook running. G-Lock Email Processor can turn email into Outlook appointment when Outlook is closed. You only need to make sure that G-Lock Email Processor service is running under that user in your system which Outlook you want to access. For more information about how to run G-Lock Email Processor under a different user in your system see the program Help: Working with G-Lock Email Processor -> Processing Emails by Rules -> Run Service under a Different User.

We have setup the rule called "Working with Outlook" and included it into the default G-Lock Email Processor installation. Simply download G-Lock Email Processor, install it and you will find the codes to create a contact item, convert email into task or note and turn email into appointment in Outlook calendar inside that rule.

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