Email Automation Software Benefits

  • Reads messages from POP3 and IMAP accounts

    Which means you don't limit yourself to new messages only — you can also process already seen emails stored in different IMAP folders on the server. Plus, the program supports SSL which means you can handle emails from Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail and other accounts which require SSL connection.

  • Processes emails from local or network folders

    In adition to emails located on the mail server you can process messages stored in your local or network folders. After the message is processed, the program can delete the message from the folder, or keep it in place or move the message to a different folder on your choice. You can also save the messages to the disk if you need them at a later time.

  • Filters incoming messages based on your criteria

    You define yourself the criteria to catch and process the emails which means you can create as many rules with different filters as you want and process any kind of messages of a specific format you may receive — purchase orders, all types of bounce emails, subscribe/unsubscribe emails, auto replies, and many others.You can filter the emails by any words or phrases in the Subject or in the body, by any field from the message header, or by the message size.

  • Extracts any data from the message header, body, or attachment

    Check each message, find and copy the customer's email, order ID, product name, postal address etc, — extracting all necessary information from each message can literally require hours. In G-Lock Email Processor you define only once what you want to extract and from where [header, body, or attachment] and the program will do this for you automatically which means you save hours of your working time and energy.

  • Performs various operations with the extracted data

    Sometimes you may find that the data you need to extract from the messages arrives in the format which is not compatible with your database. For example, the date may be stamped as "Tue, 10 Aug 2010 13:48:14 +0200 (CEST)" while your database supports the "08/10/2010 13:48" format. What to do? Use the post-processing script to reduce the extracted data to the right format and free yourself from a manual work again.

  • Saves extracted data to a file

    No more endless "copy-paste" when you need to save extracted data to a file! Just select the folder to save the file to and specify what data you want to write to the file. G-Lock Email Processor will create the file for you automatically in the selected folder and write the data to this file. In addition, you can write different data to different files depending on a certain condition which means you can automatically sort extracted information.

  • Integrates extracted data into databases

    Using G-Lock Email Processor you can automate your database maintenance and save hours of time you'd spend for adding or deleting records from the database, or updating the database manually, each day. Plus, the program can select the records from the database using some criteria and perform other actions with the selected data. G-Lock Email Processor works with MS Access, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle and other ODBC compatible databases.

  • Integrates extracted data into Microsoft Outlook

    MS Outlook provides you with a nice capability to keep your contact list for everyday communication and organize your business tasks. G-Lock Email Processor supports a distributable version of Outlook Redemption which means you can quickly create contact item in Outlook, convert email into task in Outlook, create note item in Outlook or convert email into appointment item in Outlook calendar using G-Lock Email Processor.

  • Creates a PDF or HTML report using extracted data

    Using a complete report designer in G-Lock Email Processor you create custom reports and export the reports to PDF or HTML files, or print the reports immediately — fast and easy way to create invoices, purchase reports or any other kind of reports and send them to the recipients without any delay! In addition, you can convert any image file including multi-page TIFF files into a PDF file.

  • Processes bounce and auto-reply emails

    Processing bounce emails manually can be very challenging. There are many formats of bounce emails which must be decoded, analyzed and classified. G-Lock Email Processor will do this for you in the faster, easier and better way. It identifies and handles all types of bounced messages (hard, soft, transient and mail block) and other types of emails such as subscribe requests, unsubscribe/remove requests, auto-replies and challenge-response messages.

  • Processes message attachments

    G-Lock Email Processor can save the message attachment to a folder of your choice. If the attachment is received in a zip file, G-Lock Email Processor can unzip the attachment. Plus, you can rename the attachment and save it under a new name to the folder, or forward existing or new attachments to new recipients. And you can extract data from text attachments, create custom reports using extracted data and attach them to outgoing emails in PDF or HTML format.

  • Sends an auto-reply message to the recipient

    G-Lock Email Processor can work as auto-responder and send a reply to the sender once the email is received. Plain text and HTML message formats are supported. And you can send attachments with the messages too. In addition, G-Lock Email Processor can send a message to the recipient a few days later after the message is processed. Let's say you send a welcome email immediately and 2 days later you send the 2nd message where you include an exclusive offer for your list members, or just asks the user's opinion on the content you provided. This means you're naturally building your relationship with your prospects and that means they are more likely to purchase from you.

  • Forwards the original message to another email address

    G-Lock Email Processor can forward the message to another person before or after processing. This means you don't need to waste time for manual sorting of your incoming emails and forward purchase orders to your sales department, support requests to your support team, and so on.

  • Extracts URL from email and processes data from web pages and RSS feeds

    Using the HTTP Request component in your rule, you can extract URL from e-mail and fill in the form with pre-defined values — all is done automatically! Plus, G-Lock Email Processor can parse an email message and fire a XML post based on extracted data.

  • Executes MS Windows Script (VBScript and JScript) when processing incoming messages

    If you are skilled in programming languages, you can use MS Windows script to perform different operations with the data extracted from email messages. G-Lock Email Processor supports Visual Basic Script and Java Script. The support of MS Windows script makes your possibilities of processing emails almost unlimited. This means you can solve any tasks, process your emails in any way you can imagine, and perform any operations with the data extracted from the messages which are possible with the use of the scripting languages.

  • Works as a service on your PC

    Once you turn your PC to On, G-Lock Email Processor starts automatically [no need to start and stop the program manually!] and reads your incoming emails. It quietly works in the background processing your messages according to your rules which means you don't spend a single minute of your precious time for this tedious work.

  • Can work as GUI Task Center

    You can run the program as GUI Task Center when the service cannot access resources on network drives.