How to Create Note Item in Outlook Using G-Lock Email Processor

Microsoft Outlook provides an easy way to create notes for important events and dates. This is a great way to hold on to those bits of data that don't seem to fit anywhere else. You can use notes for storing the information that you will need again during the day. It's very convenient to get that information off your mind and keep it on the computer screen. So, take advantage of Outlook's Notes and organize your work in the most convenient way for you!

In a second you will learn how to automatically create a note in Outlook using the data extracted from your incoming emails using our G-Lock Email Processor.

G-Lock Email Processor supports the Distributable version of Outlook Redemption. Using Redemption in the Script Processor component in G-Lock Email Processor you can create contact item in Outlook, convert email into Outlook task, create an Outlook note, convert email into appointment in Outlook calendar and perform other actions on incoming email messages.

Redemption supports Outlook 98, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010. You can read about Redemption here.

Here is an example of the code that you can use in G-Lock Email Processor to create a note item in Outlook:

function main()
set Session = CreateObject("GLSMAPI.GLS_RDOSession")

 set NotesFolder = Session.GetDefaultFolder(12) 'olFolderNotes
 set Note = NotesFolder.Items.Add
 Note.Subject = Fields.FieldValue("Subject")
 Note.Body = "Test note"
 Note.Color = 3 'olYellow
 Note.Left = 100
 Note.Top = 100
 Note.Width = 400
 Note.Height = 300


end function
You do not need to have Outlook running. G-Lock Email Processor can create a note in Outlook even when Outlook is closed. You only need to make sure that G-Lock Email Processor service is running under that user in your system which Outlook you want to access. For more information about how to run G-Lock Email Processor under a different user in your system see the program Help: Working with G-Lock Email Processor -> Processing Emails by Rules -> Run Service under a Different User.

We have setup the rule called "Working with Outlook" and included it into the default G-Lock Email Processor installation. Simply download G-Lock Email Processor, install it and you will find all the codes to create a contact item, a task item, a note item and an appointment item in Outlook calendar inside that rule.

Click here to download G-Lock Email Processor

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