Clear Unused Keys from the Registry With a Mouse Click

The registry is a large database used by Windows and other applications to store hardware and software configurations. It often happens that data is deleted from the disk but is not cleared from the registry. When you install, uninstall, and reinstall programs on your computer, registry keys are created, modified, or deleted. With time, your computer registry may accumulate corrupted, unused, and unnecessary registry keys, especially if the keys are not removed when you uninstall a program. As a result the registry takes more space than needed and usage of data from the registry becomes less effective.

The AATools Registry Cleaner allows you remove useless uninstalls from the Add/Remove Programs list. For example, if you simply deleted a program instead of uninstalling it, the uninstall stuff is still in the Add/Remove Programs list. With the AATools Registry Cleaner you can remove it with a mouse click.

Using the Registry Cleaner you can increase your computer performance, speed up the system load and reduce the number of failures.

The Registry Cleaner scans the registry and finds references that lead to "nowhere". While checking, it is assumed that wrong reference is the one that refers to nonexistent file or disk catalogue. After scanning, if such references are identified, they are put in the list of invalid references. Before deleting the reference the Registry Cleaner creates the Undo file that is put into the Backup Tab. You can easily restore your Registry contents to its previous state or restore your Registry entries one-by-one.