Analyze Hosts, Services and Find Holes Before Intruders Attack Using the AATools Port Scanner

The AATools Port Scanner analyzes hosts and all the different services started on them. The Port Scanner accurately determines active services on the appropriate host using TCP/UDP port interrogations. It includes an internal database currently reporting on 4257 ports (officially assigned, unofficially used, or currently affected by network Trojan Horses).

Whether you dial-up to your ISP or utilize a cable modem that is constantly switched on, it is essential to protect your computer against the "evil" hackers that flourish on the Internet. If your computer is indeed open to all those threats, then the first item on your agenda will be to find a secure firewall to protect your beloved computer. Once you have decided on a firewall, be it hardware or a software solution, testing the security of that firewall is of utmost importance. The AATools Posrt Scanner is just the testing utility needed to verify the integrity of your security and firewall functions.

However, firewall alone is no longer sufficient protection, because it is a static device that enforces a particular rule set. To spot potential problems before intruders exploit them from inside or outside your network, you can implement several security tools, such as port scanner, vulnerability test, network analyzers.

Why Be Concerned With AATools security TCP/ UDP Port Scanner?

TCP and UDP use port numbers to identify higher-layer services. Systems administrators use the port scanner to determine what TCP/UDP services are available on a server. A cardinal rule of server security is to disable any service that the system isn't using because any open TCP/UDP service offers intruders a possible entry into your system. Thus, you can use the port scanner to ensure that only the desired TCP/UDP services are running on your server. This information is rather critical for developing and/or verifying security policies.

The AATools Port Scanner will return which TCP or UDP ports are listening. You should check these ports to see if they are running services that you have approved. If they are running services which are undocumented, or which you do not wish to run, we suggest you disable them. Many operating systems are shipped with a large number of services that are not required for normal operation. In some cases these services may contain known or unknown security problems. It is recommended to disable any services which are not required. Thus, the AATools TCP/UDP Port Scanner should be a part of your security toolkit and you should employ it regularly.

The AATools Port Scanner features:

  • supports wide range of addresses
  • flexible port specification
  • flexible target specification
  • supports scanning from a list of ports
  • supports both TCP and UDP scanning
  • supports scanning for a full range of ports
  • detection of down hosts
  • resolves hostnames into IP addresses
  • provides adding/removing and selecting ports from a list
  • scans for ports which are/may be used by Trojan/backdoor programs
  • scans a list of hostnames contained in a text file