Clean Your List from Bad Emails on a Proactive Basis

When some Internet users move from one service provider to another, they do not take their e-mail addresses along with them. Users who lost their e-mail accounts may not notify you of their loss. Internet users may choose to subscribe to your service with a phony e-mail address so that they have access to a free download or a free offer that you may be offering online. Hence, you are left with dead e-mail addresses.

The AATools E-mail Verifier is your unique solution of the "message delivery error". It checks each email address from a mailing list and allows you determine up to 70-90 % of 'dead' mail addresses.

You don't need to disturb your clients and friends anymore to check if their email addresses are still valid. The E-mail Verifier connects directly to the recipient's SMTP server and checks it for you. Nothing is sent to the recipient.

The E-mail Verifier helps you decrease Internet traffic, because you can clean your list on a proactive basis avoiding sending to bad email addresses that would cause a ping-pong of useless messages between SMTP servers. In addition, the E-mail Verifier helps you save money. If you ultimately decide to use a commercial service to manage your list and send your newsletters, you will usually pay either by the number of sent messages or by the size of your list. If you handle the newsletter sending yourself, then it becomes a time issue. In either case, you will have to deal with bounced messages.

In addition, E-mail Verifier has the following features:

  • Multithreaded engine, that gives you high performance on checking.
  • Import of emails from .csv and .txt files.
  • Socks v4, 4A and 5 proxy support for LAN users  

Important! It is not recommended to load more than 2000-3000 email addresses for verification. If you want more advanced functions and power, try Advanced Email Verifier