Check IP Address Against Most Known Blacklists Using the AATools RBL Locator

In the last few years, UBE – unsolicited bulk email, commonly known as spam – has become a fact of life for many of us. Most such abusive sessions are initiated by junk emailers – so-called spammers – attempting to distribute their unwanted messages all over the world.

Probably the most effective method of protection is blocking spammers and their harvester bots from your web site altogether. It's a lot of work to keep track of spam sources, so some system administrators use shared blacklists to decide which senders to block.

RBL (RealTime Black List) Locator is a special tool, designed to quickly search for an IP address in DNS-Based (RBL*) spam databases. RBL Locator checks an IP address against the most known blacklists. This little tool helps you determine if you're listed as a "bad actor" on any of the shared blacklists.

The information you get from the RBL Locator can be used to help anyone configure his own network or mail relay for the purpose of limiting the transport of known-to-be-unwanted mass e-mail.

*Mail Abuse Protection System Realtime Black List. An online database of email spam sites that may be used for email spam filtering, either on a personal basis or used by an entire site. Problem sites are added to the RBL almost instantly when spam becomes a problem, and are removed again quickly once the problem is dealt with.