Secure Your Network by Locking Down Unwanted Applications

Today there is no program, either anti virus nor anti trojan, that can detect unknown trojan horses. To secure your network, you may need to lock down applications that aren't required by any function you currently use. In order to do this effectively, you will have to know available ports and the applications that are utilizing them. With the AATools Network Monitor all the activities that are active on all ports will be displayed clearly and easily.

The AATools Network Monitor maps the ports in use to their respective applications providing a simple and easy solution to tracking application to port maps. This mapping is extremely useful while monitoring unwanted connections, investigating suspected trojans, viruses, and all other possible backdoor intrusions.

Plus, the AATools Network Monitor gives you an extremely large amount of supplementary information about your outbound and inbound network connections.

The Network Monitor shows the TCP/IP, UDP and ICM Protocols statistics on the local computer; information for a particular IP address; information that describes a particular IP network route to a particular destination; information about a particular network adapter on the local computer; physical characteristics of all network adapters; mapping of IP addresses to physical (MAC) addresses and much more.

The information described above is presented in the following tables:

  • Connections
  • Statistics
  • IP-Address Table
  • IP-Routing Table
  • Adapters/Interface Info
  • ARP (Address Resolution Protocol)