Automatically Check Your Links for Validity Using the AATools Links Analyzer

We all know why we have bookmarks and favorites … TO SAVE TIME! in visiting the sites we like or need. With the AATools Links Analyzer you can organize your favorite links in seconds for easy access again and again and make sure that these sites are still on place.

The AATools Links Analyzer is the URL and Internet Explorer Favorites manager. It scans your URLs and IE Favorites and notifies you when a link was changed, or became invalid. It also acts as a navigation tool and makes it very easy to find what you are looking for without the need to search inside folders.

Plus, this little tool allows check dynamic HTML pages, URLs with CGI and automatically (optional) moves "bad" ones to a specific folder. It is truly multithreaded, – so you can fully load up your Internet connection. 500 URLs can be checked within 10 minutes at the connection speed of 28.8K!

The Links Analyzer can work with different link formats like below and see if a link is still alive or dead.;8080

To send a link to your default web browser, click the "Visit this URL" button on the Toolbar.