Keep Clean Mailing List and Increase Subscriber Response Rate

Have you ever measured your email campaigns response rate? If no, it's time to start. Here is a good email tracking service. Email tracking can give you interesting results. For example, you may find that a small list generates a high response while a huge list generates a low open rate. Why so? Because it’s not the number of emails on your list but the quality of the list that really matters.

The cleaner your list, more money you save for email delivery because email service providers now charge you for the quantity of subscribers on the list. If you clean your list on a proactive basis and keep only valid emails on it, you protect yourself from sending to bad emails and paying additional money.

Here are a few tips how you can maintain your list clean and up-to-date:

1. Check your list for bad email addresses and exclude them from your list before you send an email. You can use email validation software to do a list check. You can search the Internet for an email address verifier tool to choose the one that suits your needs best.

2. Manage bounces thoroughly. Delete hard bounces from your list immediately because these email addresses do not exist anymore. A soft bounce is when your email is accepted by recipient's mail server but it bounced back because of reasons like mailbox is full, your message is large than receiving mail server upper limit etc. Try to send the messages a few times to soft bounced email addresses before you delete them. There is the chance that the message will be delivered after several attempts. You can use our email processing software to collect bounce emails and remove them from your database.

3. Use double opt-in subscription method. The double opt-in method ensures that the subscriber's email address is valid and that the subscriber really wants to receive email from you.

4. Delete unsubscribers. Always provide an easy way to unsubscribe. Before sending an email campaign, do a search for people who unsubscribed and add them to the exclusion list.

5. Provide an option for subscribers to change their email address. Some list management software or services provide a link to your subscriber details and lists he opted for. From there your subscribers can change their email addresses and update their profiles.

6. Don’t buy or rent email lists. Most email addresses on those lists are collected by website email extractors and belong to people who didn’t hear about you and don’t expect any mail from you.

7. Avoid spelling errors. If you manually import your subscribers from your old list manager to the new one or from your helpdesk to your mailing list manager etc, be careful to type the email addresses in the right way.

To help you manage your list and keep it clean from bad email addresses, you can use our Advanced Email Verifier software. The Advanced Email Verifier will check your list for bad emails before you send the email and help you process bounce emails after each mailing.
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This software is a must have in your emailing arsenal. It is simple to use but very powerful and the support is always available through live chat and very reponsive. Remote assitance is also provided when needed.

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