Verify Email Addresses Directly from the Database without Export-Import!

If your email addresses are stored in a local or remote database, you can connect to that database directly from Advanced Email Verifier and verify the email addresses without importing them into the program — useful for databases containing millions emails. Advanced E-mail Verifier works with widely used databases such as MS Access, MS Excel, My SQL, MS SQL, Oracle and any other ODBC compliant database.

verify emails in Excel without export-import

You can choose yourself how to save the verification results. You can make the Advanced E-mail Verifier write the results directly to the database which means you don't need to import-export anything — big time saver!

Or, you can save verified emails to local files instead of writing them to the database. Simply check one little option and select a folder on the disk — Advanced E-mail Verifier will automatically create the files with good and bad emails for you.


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