Handle Bounced and Auto-Reply Emails to Clean Your List from Bad Addresses with Almost 100% Accuracy

You should be aware that email verifier tools can determine about 70-80% of invalid email addresses. Sometimes you can't verify whether the address is good or not. This is because some mail servers accept all messages for all users and you won't definitively know if the email is good or bad until you send a real message to that email address. 

Our Advanced Email Verifier is the only list cleaning tool that has a built-in bounced handler. This means you can use it to process hard bounce, soft bounce, abuse report messages and other types of returned messages and clean your list from invalid addresses with almost 100% accuracy.

What makes the AEV bounced handler stand out from the crowd is that it can process a large amount of bounce messages and that it extracts the original message subject along with the recipient's email address and allows you quickly find out which mailing list the recipient is subscribed to and take him off the list.

Advanced Email Verifier bounce handler

In addition to bounced email handling, the Advanced Email Verifier is capable of deleting transient-bounce, challenge-response and "out of office" email messages from your mail server.

When your mailing list is small, it's not a problem to delete a dozen of auto-reply messages from your Inbox manually. But what do you do when your list is grown to 1+ million recipients? That means every time you send an email, you get more than 10,000 “I'm on vacation” auto-replies that you have to sift through, only to find about 10-20 actual replies from your recipients. You could use a "donotreply" email address but that is a bad practice and so inhuman. We thought there must be a smarter and faster way to deal with auto-replies and we implemeted this capabilty in the Advanced Email Verifier.

Advanced Email Verifier recognizes all auto-replies you get from your email campaigns and deletes them from your mailbox. If you still want to receive those emails into your Inbox, you can disable the rule to delete such emails from your mail server.

Advanced Email Verifier - deal with auto-replies

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