What are the Advantages of G-Lock Email Verifier over Similar Programs?

We've done all our best to make Advanced Email Verifier an easy, reliable, fast and simply the best email checker program. The following features make our list cleaner far ahead of its competitors:

  • you can verify email addresses directly from databases without import-export which means you save a lot of time and manual work
  • you can verify emails through socks proxy servers or web script — a workaround if your ISP blocks the port 25
  • you can quickly and easily load large email lists for verification — big time saver!
  • you can get the results in real time in comparison to online email verification services where you have to wait for a few days to get the verified list back!
  • you can verify email addresses through the BPSocks email validation API — you get the results almost instantly while enjoying the high accuracy like if you were using an online email verifier service!
  • you can handle bounced emails and get your list cleaned from inavlid addresses with almost 100% accuracy!
  • you can import and export custom fields containing additional contact information — you don't lose any contact data and keep it intact
  • you can segment the email list and verify only targeted list — just filter the emails and hit 'Start'. No need to export and import filtered list
  • you can save good and bad emails to different files with two mouse clicks — no need to filter the verification results beforehand
  • faster email verifying engine which means you can run the verification in a record time.
  • easy way to backup and restore the workplace — you don't lose your email lists if you need to re-install your system or move the program from one computer to another.

Advanced E-mail Verifier, with its easy-to-use wizards, is the most powerful email verifier software available today! You don't need to disturb your clients and friends anymore to check if their email addresses are still valid. Advanced E-mail Verifier will do it for you keeping you from sending undeliverable messages that cause a ping-pong of useless messages between SMTP servers.


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