Why MailChimp Suspended My Account

Why MailChimp Suspended My Account

MailChimp is known to work with an abuse-prevention system to make sure their infrastructure stays healthy and free of activity that violates the CAN-SPAM Act or their Terms.

So, if their abuse-prevention system or human team notices that something about your account or email campaigns raised a red flag, you will find your account suspended by MailChimp.

Below is a list of factors that could cause a red flag with MailChimp:

1. Your account information looks fake or anonymous. Don’t hide your identity when you create an account with MailChimp, because it’s typically seen as spammer behavior. When you signup under a name like John Smith, from Anywhere, the system suspects you have something to hide. So, use your real name and location at signup.

2. You used a free email address. A free email address alone is not a big issue but combined with another factor could be a problem.

3. You had issues with the last campaign. When your most recent campaign receives spam complaints, or looks “spammy”, MailChimp makes a note of it. Anything from the use of certain words, messy HTML code, too many images, no text part can be seen as “spammy” content. Your most recent campaign contains unacceptable content or something offensive.

4. Your opt-in process is unclear. MailChimp is serious about permission-based email marketing. Cold and prospect messages without expressed permission obtained from the recipient cause a red flag for your account. They will also want to know where and how your signup process is handled. If they don’t find a signup form on your website, they will ask where you got your list.

5. Your most recent campaign violates the MailChimp’s Terms of Use in some way. Their Terms are similar to anti-spam laws, but in some cases, are more rigorous. Make sure you are in compliance.

6. Something else with your account or mailing activity looks too risky for MailChimp and they need to check it out.

Making sure your email list is compliant is what we can help you with. For better results, have your list verified and cleaned from invalid addresses BEFORE you upload it to MailChimp.

Advanced Email Verifier will check your list and determine bad domains and undeliverable email addresses. You can export only valid emails from the verifier and then upload your good list to MailChimp to minimize the risk for your account to be suspended.

However, having a valid and opt-in email list does not guarantee your account will be live forever and one day it may be suspended for one of other reasons we talked above. And that’s where we come in again.

If you are tired of sudden account suspensions and inability to send email marketing campaigns when you need, use an in-house email system EasyMail7. It is self-managed email software that you install on your computer or server and you control your email lists, messages, email delivery, autoresponders and email sender reputation yourself.

EasyMail7 works with any email delivery service or SMTP server. But you still have to care about your list quality and hygiene if you want to build a good sender reputation and deliver your messages to the recipient’s Inbox.

With EasyMail7 you pay no monthly fee, no extra cost for growing list and you store your data (mailing lists and messages) securely and safely on your computer or server.

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EasyMail7 has a great deal of intelligence built-in, such as bounce handling, feedback loop analysis and automatic suppression lists which can protect your reputation by preventing redelivery to failed or complaining addresses.

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 by Martin Ucik on G-Lock EasyMail7
Use for many years

I have used several versions of EasyMail and recently upgraded my version to 7.0 and we bought several copies for the company I work for as well. The cost is very reasonable and the tech support is prompt. Updates arrive frequently.

I love the fact that my mass emails can be highly personalized and still look like regular emails, vs. emails from Constant Contact etc. I can also go into the HTML code and tweak things if they are not right. We use Amazon Web Service SES which is very affordable. A great product for those who have reasonable computer skills to set everything up.

Thank you G-Lock!

Martin Ucik,
President at singles2couples.org

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