How to Start Emailing to Your List and What to Tell Them

This must be the first question that concerns email marketers after they've got a list of subscribers. The most simple answer is follow the subscriber's preferencies if you give a choice of email frequency on the signup form. If you don't allow people to choose how often they want to receive emails from you, read this article for some tips on sending frequency.

As a good email marketer you'll want to communicate with your list in the way you don't pass for their worst nightmare, crazy seller or in the opposite case someone who they'll forget in a month or so because you email so rarely. These are bad things we all want to avoid.   

On my opinion you should email them whenever you have something valuable to tell to at least 20-30% of subscribers. If you have 1000 subscribers on the list and you estimate that 200-300 recipients would get some value from your message, email them even if they got your last newsletter yesterday.

If you assume your financial compensation may be rather high, email them when you have something to tell even it would be valuable to only 10% of your subscribers.  

But I'm afraid they will unsubscribe…

Yes, some will do. It's normal. You cannot retain the full list forever. You lose subscribers and you get new ones. Unless you email to your buyers, your list is a list of accidental website visitors subscribed to your mailings for very different reasons.

Look, if you send the email to 1000 people and 10 of them unsubscribe, you lose only 10 contacts. If you care about those 10 potential unsubscribes and don't send, you lose 1990 who like your emails. That's not smart.

Be prepared to get unsubscribes every time you email to your list. You know unsubscribes are not a pain. Better if you get unsubscribes than spam complaints. To deal with unsubscribe requests, you can use our G-Lock Email Processor software. Plus, G-Lock Email Processor will help you process many other incoming emails with the same layout.  

I don't know what to write about…

Write about the things you find interesting and valuable. Talk about tactics and strategies that work well for you and encourge them to try. Share with them the tips and resources that have been useful for you. Don't worry if you tell them about something they've already heard. They might have forgotten about it. Send them surveys and ask them to answer some quick questions about their experience with your product or service. This will give you some food for thought as to how you can improve your service. And of course, send them your fantastic offers as the appreciation of their stay on your list.    

For example, if you don't know what to write in the Subject line, start with the simplest thing. If you released a new version of your software, write "The new version of [program] released” or “The new version of [program] ready for download". As far as you will be getting email marketing experience, you will write more intriguing Subject lines. A good idea is to add a factor of urgency to your Subject, for example, "limited edition" or, "only 100 coupons available", or "ends on Friday" etc. This works well for commercial newsletters.

Don't write "newsletter" in the Subject line even if your email has the informative purpose only. This word does not tell the reader what your message is about but only eats 10 characters of precious space. Write the Subject so that the subsciber is eager to know what is inside the email. You can find some ideas for inspiration in this article.

Well, I see but I'm still hesitating…

Why are you building your list? To make them read what you want to tell them and to make them buy what you sell. So, you must tell and sell. You must become their favorite series when they watched the first episode and loved it. After a few episodes they are solidly hooked on and don't want to miss it.  

The idea behind this is that you should not pelt them with your emails that do not give anything valuable to them with the only purpose to remind about yourself. My point is that you should frequently send a good stuff to people who like what you write and sell.  

As I've already told, be ready for unsubscribes. No matter how often you email them, people will unsubscribe except those who are a fan of what you are doing. But the good thing is that they will tell their friends, colleagues, relatives about you. That's the only effective way.

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