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How to Send Bulk Emails without Spamming the Inbox of Customers

Guest post written by Rohan Mendiratta

Bulk emails, when utilized correctly, are an excellent way of reaching many people and prospects in a short period. These campaigns make it simple for marketers to advertise their businesses, sell products, and build relationships.

To achieve a favorable return on investment from any bulk email campaigns, your emails must arrive in the recipients’ inbox. Your campaign will suffer if your delivery rate is low. Spam is one issue that affects email delivery rates.

How to Send Bulk Emails with Unsubscribe Link

This tutorial is for G-Lock EasyMail v6.xx.

You can read the tutorial how to send bulk emails with the unsubscribe link using G-Lock EasyMail7 here

Providing the recipients with an easy way to unsubscribe is a must-have practice in email marketing. Every email marketer who are serious about their business must include the unsubscribe link into the emails for 3 simple reasons:

1. To make their marketing emails compliant with CAN-SPAM law.

2. To let the subscriber know they respect the subscriber's wish to leave the list.

3. To minimize spam complaint and bounced rate.

Read on to know how to send bulk emails with the unsubscribe link using G-Lock EasyMail bulk email software.

How to Start Emailing to Your List and What to Tell Them

This must be the first question that concerns email marketers after they've got a list of subscribers. The most simple answer is follow the subscriber's preferencies if you give a choice of email frequency on the signup form. If you don't allow people to choose how often they want to receive emails from you, read this article for some tips on sending frequency.