What Do You Want in the Next Version?

G-Lock Software team continues the development of G-Lock EasyMail and needs your help and input.

If you have been using G-Lock EasyMail for a long time, or have recently downloaded the program for the first time, we would appreciate your ideas for software improvements or enhancements to functionality.

What do you love about G-Lock EasyMail? What do you hate about it? Tell us why you like it, why you don't, and why.

Tell us what features would make G-Lock EasyMail even better and vote for features that are most important to you.

Please, take just a few seconds and share your thoughts in comments below. Your suggestions can make a big difference, and will help us develop and improve the program and service for you.

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    PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE put in a POINT OF VERIFICATION when someone deletes
    a GROUP. I deleted a group that had 900 email addresses by mistake thinking
    I has selected the one below and there was no way to get it back!!!!
    NOT GOOOD!!!!! WHEN a delete action is taken on a group put in a VERIFICATION
    BOX to ask ****ARE YOU SURE**** before the action is taken.
    THANK YOU!!!!


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