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  • Pay Once
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  • Instance of the EasyMail7 Server
  • Users on the EasyMail7 Server
  • Unlimited sending available
  • Complete feature access
  • Number of lists and recipients
  • Free updates
  • Priority Technical Support
  • Personal

  • $149

    one time payment

  • 1
  • 1
  • yes
  • yes
  • Unlimited
  • Updates are optional, you can still use the purchased version or the last free update after the free update period. The license for the purchased version will never expire.12 months
  • 12 months
  • Business

  • $249

    one time payment

  • 1
  • 3 + 2 for FREE
  • yes
  • yes
  • Unlimited
  • Updates are optional, you can still use the purchased version or the last free update after the free update period. The license for the purchased version will never expire.12 months
  • 12 months
  • Enterprise

  • $1599

    one time payment

  • 1
  • 30 + 20 for FREE
  • yes
  • yes
  • Unlimited
  • Updates are optional, you can still use the purchased version or the last free update after the free update period. The license for the purchased version will never expire.12 months
  • 12 months
You can customize your G-Lock EasyMail7 license here

Licensing G-Lock EasyMail7

Glocksoft offers several flexible licensing options that allow you to scale G-Lock EasyMail7 to your business’s specific marketing needs.

How Do I Choose the License?

The license price is based on the number of users you can have on the EasyMail7 Server.

If you are the only person who will work with the program from one or multiple computers, buy the license for 1 user.

If you want multiple persons to be able to manage email campaigns, choose the license covering the number of users who you will give access to the EasyMail7 Server.

As admin, you will assign users to workplaces, i.e. grant users access to workplace(s) they can work within. You can grant one user access to one or several workplaces. For more information, see the tutorial how to manage users and workplaces.

If you require the license for more than 50 users for your team, contact us by email at [email protected], or via online chat.

If within the first 60 days of ownership you are not satisfied with the capabilities of our G-Lock EasyMail7, you can request a full refund of the amount you paid to G-Lock Software by writing to [email protected]

One Year Free Updates Included

When you purchase the license, you receive 12 months of free updates for the G-Lock EasyMail7 Server and Client from the date of your purchase – be it a minor program update or a major new version.

Annual Maintenance Fees

After the 12 months period and at your discretion, you can buy another 12 months of program maintenance and free updates. If you choose not to buy, you can continue using the last version you obtained or are eligible to use. The 12 month time frame is merely for new versions/updates and has no relevance to rights of use (as long as the EULA is not violated).

On-time maintenance fees are substantially lower than the first year price. Maintenance fees increase on a monthly basis 30 days after the expiration of the previous free updates period:

Months since purchase Discount
12 – 13 60%
13 – 14 40%
14 – 15 20%
15 and more 0%

Please contact a member of our support team if you have an expired license or if you need further clarification on the terms of your license.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by "EasyMail7 Server"?

Server can be a local computer, Windows Server 2008/2012, Amazon EC2 or Windows Azure Virtual Machine where you can deploy your own customized Windows Server, etc. where the EasyMail7 Server component is installed. It runs as a service in the background and does not require a user being logged in. It does most of the work: send out messages, check for incoming returned messages and update the contact lists. EasyMail7 Client connects to EasyMail7 Server through public RESTful API to administrate the lists, messages and options.

What is a workplace?

A workplace includes email server accounts, email templates and drafts, sent items, contact groups (internal and external lists), and Bounce Handler settings. Each user has the full control under his own workplace(s) allocated to him by admin. Admin can set sending limitations for the workplace such as monthly sending limits and maximum sending slots to control the server load.

Why pay a maintenance fee?

We have built a business where our focus is on supporting our existing customers. By paying a small maintenance fee every year you can be assured we will continue to improve software and offer the best customer service in the market.

Can I continue to use the product if the free update period expires and I choose not to renew?

Absolutely. You can continue to use the EasyMail7 which you have licensed and paid for as long as you require. When the free update period expires, it simply means that you will no longer be issued any product updates or new product releases.

Do you have different features for different licenses?

We limited only the free version of G-Lock EasyMail7 to 250 messages per hour and 12 000 messages per month. For the paid licenses, we simply charge a fixed annual price per user/workplace. We do not try and upsell you to more expensive licenses so you can access specific features. You can be assured that whatever size of business you are and whatever paid license you have, you will always have access to all the EasyMail7 features.

How many groups (lists), subscribers, email accounts etc. can I have?

Unlimited no matter what license you buy. The price depends on the number of users/workplaces only.

Can I change the number of users?

Yes. You can increase the number of users at any time by simply paying the difference in a time adjusted fee.

Does each server installation require a license?

Yes. The EasyMail7 license is sold on a per-server basis. Each EasyMail7 Server installation must have their own license. The EasyMail7 Client can be installed on as many computers as you need.

Can a license be transferred from one PC to another?

Yes. Please, contact our support team for more information about how to transfer the license.

Can I install the product on 2 machines? I'm running a desktop in the office, have a laptop and a home desktop.

If you have one license, you can install the EasyMail7 Server component only on one machine. And you can install the EasyMail7 Client on as many machines as you need, i.e. on your desktop in the office and at home and on your laptop.

Can I use G-Lock EasyMail7 on Mac?

You can use G-Lock EasyMail7 on MAC with Parallels Desktop and a Windows license (that allows the use of applications developed for Windows on Apple devices).


Why G-Lock EasyMail7 is the Better Mass Email Software?

Any organization or marketer who runs an online business can benefit from mass email software. Internet offers dozens email newsletter programs but G-Lock EasyMail is supplied with a number of special features and options which make it superior to the competitors' email tools. Customers who used cheap mass email tools before and were frustrated with it acknowledge that G-Lock EasyMail7 eliminates all the problems and troubles related to email newsletter sending.

Unlimited List Size

Many email sender tools limit the number of recipients you can load for email sending. This is very inconvenient because the primary goal of any online business is to get as many subscribers, customers or clients as possible and send them marketing email newsletters. Best email newsletter software should have no limitations on the list size. With G-Lock EasyMail7 you don't have to worry about your mailing list growth. G-Lock EasyMail7 allows you maintain an unlimited contact list and send as many emails to it as you want. And unlike other email sender programs or services, with our email newsletter software you don't need to pay more for a bigger list and sending more emails.

In-house Control

One of the best parts of G-Lock EasyMail7 is that all your email messages and recipients are kept in-house. Each marketer cares about his list privacy. It's very inconvenient and unsafe when you have to upload your list to the 3rd party database. Our mass email program eliminates this need. Your email list and messages are maintained on your own computer so no one except you can access them. With G-Lock EasyMail7 you have an in-house control over all parts of newsletter creation and sending.

Bounce Email Management

To protect your email sender reputation, processing bounce emails must be one of your regular email marketing activities. Any remarkable email sender software must be capable of handling bounce email messages because it's a real pain of doing it manually. With our email marketing solution you can process bounce email messages and unsubscribe or delete them from your mailing lists automatically. G-Lock EasyMail7 helps you keep your mailing list clean of undeliverable addresses and avoid being blacklisted for sending to bad domains.

Free HTML Email Templates

Good email marketers know that a newsletter cannot look the same as the welcome or subscription confirmation email. A newsletter must be a professionally designed email message including your company logo, contact information, links to the most important pages of your site and any other information you may find to be useful for your subscribers. You can even prepare and use different email templates for creating different types of newsletters. This is made easy with our mass email software. G-Lock EasyMail7 is supplied with dozens professionally designed email templates that can be customized for your needs. In addition to built-in email templates, you can browse this library of free HTML templates. You can download any template and use it in G-Lock EasyMail7 to create your newsletter. All templates have been tested for compliance with G-Lock EasyMail7 and most popular email clients.

User Friendly Interface

Not every software user is computer savvy. That's why it's important that good direct email sender tool has a user friendly interface. This means that the user should know how to operate software by just looking at the program menus and buttons. G-Lock EasyMail7 is very powerful yet easy to use mass email sender. It doesn't take much time to learn how to start with it. After checking out our tutorials, you can be started within minutes. And you can always get help from our support team in case you have any troubles with the program.


If you regularly send emails to your clients or subscribers and with your growing numbers now its too expensive to use any Email Service Providers like ConstantContact, Aweber, MailChimp etc, G-Lock EasyMail7 is the perfect solution to power up your business. People purchase our mass email software because they think it packs amazing features, easy to use, cutting-edge and simply the best in-house bulk newsletter software you can get! And it is fully supported by our customer service.