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Designing HTML Email for Better User Experience and Deliverability

When creating an HTML email for a newsletter, email designers have to consider a lot of things. First of all, they should think about rendering across different email clients and applications.

Fortunately, most email users read email messages only in a few email clients. The recent Litmus report provides statistics on email client usage where you can see that there are only a few major email clients like Microsoft Outlook and Apple and web-based clients such as Gmail, and YahooMail stand out.

How to Test Email Delivery Duration

How to Test Email Delivery Duration

Every email marketer is interested in delivering their email messages to the recipient’s Inbox. That’s why G-Lock EasyMail7 has the capability to test the email placement and spam filtering before sending the email campaign. There are some email monitoring services that also allow to run email delivery tests, but they charge a fortune for it.