version 3.0 build 1000

Available as FREEWARE. No paid version anymore. If you need any support for G-Lock SpamCombat, place a ticket with our support department. Tech support for 1 year costs $35.

Added: ability to retrieve the whole message from the server. See Settings -> General.

version 2.70 build 700

Added: capability to resolve the country where the email comes from and blacklist
the emails by the origin country.

Added: capability to change the default delay if you set the program to check accounts at startup.

Added: easy way to backup and restore G-Lock SpamCombat profile (accounts and filters settings). To save the profile, click on File menu and select Backup Profile. To restore the profile from backup, click File -> Restore Profile.

Added: the icon of the Trash changes depending on whether it contains deleted emails or not.

Added: the lite screen of G-Lock SpamCombat in the system tray shows the number of emails deleted during the last session.

version 2.65 build 650

Added: "Run internal mail server at program startup" option in the Internal Mail Server settings.
Fixed: "S5 NO UID FETCH Too many arguments" error when checking AOL account
Fixed: casual error on opening the Deleted Items folder.

version 2.61 build 560

Fixed: the message source was transmitted empty to the Complex Filter.
Fixed: Delete function in the Complex Filter.

version 2.60 build 550

Added: "Enable extended hint in system tray" option in the General settings.
Fixed: Whitelist/Blacklist don't allow adding a blank line, which would catch all the messages.

Changed: the program remembers the message number, from which it starts processing the emails. See the "Start processing from xx message" option in the Advanced account settings.

version 2.55 build 530

Added: "Ask confirmation when deleting emails from trash folder" option in the General settings.
Fixed: the program hung on the emails with incorrect HTML formatting.

Fixed: erratic behaviour of the cursor in the Deleted Items folder – when deleting emails the cursor jumped at a random message. Now it moves to the next email in the list.

version 2.50 build 500

Added: ability to establish secure connections over SSL/TLS. The communication between SpamCombat and the mail server will be encrypted, so no one can read your e-mails or spy out your passwords.

Some improvements in the program's engine.

[older versions skipped]