Stops Spam, Viruses and Malicious Code

What are the priority features that you would like to see in an anti-spam program? High percent of spam emails blocked, deletion of spam before it reaches the inbox, simplicity of usage…

Keeping this in mind we developed G-Lock SpamCombat. 6 anti-spam filters combined in one program make G-Lock SpamCombat the most powerful and reliable software among other programs of its kind.

You'll find well-known whitelist and blacklist here. Just add the trusted senders to the whitelist and their emails will be automatically flagged as good. A solid blacklist supplied with G-Lock SpamCombat detects the most known kinds of spam and virus emails.

In addition to the whitelist and blacklist, G-Lock SpamCombat has Complex filters, HTML Validator, Bayesian filter, and DNSBL filter in its arsenal of anti-spam tools.

Complex Filters let you write a script containing different functions, procedures, or operators to classify the emails as spam or good.

HTML Validator is a filter that parses the HTML part of the incoming email and checks the HTML tags for validity.

Bayesian filter is the most powerful filter that separates incoming messages to spam and normal based on the message content. The particularity of the Bayesian filter is that you can teach it to classify the emails as good or spam. "Well trained" Bayesian filter allows you detect up to 99.5% of spam emails.

Advantages of the Bayesian filter:

  • The Bayesian filtering is a much more intelligent approach because it examines all aspects of a message, as opposed to keyword checking that classifies a mail as spam on the basis of a single word.      
  • The Bayesian filter is constantly self-adapting – by learning from new spam and new valid inbound mails, the Bayesian filter evolves and adapts to new spam techniques.      
  • The Bayesian technique is sensitive to the user – it learns the email habits of the company and understands that, for example, the emails with the word "mortgage" are not always spam.      
  • The Bayesian method is multi-lingual and international – being adaptive it can be used for any language. The Bayesian filter also takes into account certain languages deviations or the diverse usage of certain words in different areas, even if the same language is spoken.
  • The Bayesian filter is difficult to fool, as opposed to a keyword filter – an advanced spammer who wants to trick the Bayesian filter can either use fewer words  that usually indicate spam, or more words that generally indicate valid mail (such as a valid contact name, etc). Doing the latter is impossible because the spammer would  have to know the email profile of each recipient – and a spammer can never hope to gather this kind of information from every intended recipient.

DNSBL Filter quickly searches for the sender's IP address in DNS-Based spam databases. G-Lock SpamCombat is provided with a list of most known spam databases against which the message is checked.


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