Deletes Spam Emails Automatically!

You can easily set G-Lock SpamCombat to automatically check your incoming emails at a regular time and automatically delete spam messages. G-Lock SpamCombat is very configurable and you set the mode of deletion spam emails for every filter depending on your preferences.

You can choose to move spam emails to the program trash or delete them permanently. Or, you may prefer to delete spam messages during mail check, or move them to trash during mail check. This way you won't even see spam and won't have to click Delete button by hand as all the messages G-Lock SpamCombat identified as spam will be deleted automatically.

If you choose to move deleted emails to the trash, the program will store deleted messages on the disk for xx days [you can define the number of days yourself] and you can recover trashed emails in your email client if a good message was deleted by mistake.

Can G-Lock SpamCombat bounce spam emails back to the sender?

Our customers often ask if G-Lock SpamCombat has the capability to bounce spam emails back to the spammers. It seems to be a very nice feature… But our answer is NO. G-Lock SpamCombat cannot bounce spam emails and we think this feature is quite pointless. Here is why:

  • Nowadays most spammers do not use their real email addresses in To and From but forge addresses that refer to no user, or enter the emails of some innocent users. So, even a spam message bounces, in most cases it will not reach the real spammer but end up to mailbomb innocent users as well as mailbomb the admin of your ISP who sees all the failed bounces come back to the mailer-daemon. And actually, it is the violation of the ISPs' Acceptable Use Policy.
  • The bounce feature sends back a "forged" bounced message from [email protected] – which is completely meaningless after the email has already been successfully delivered.
  • The rejects from a real mailer-daemon happen at the time of the MTA transaction between the mail servers. So, sending back a bounced message, for example, a couple of hours later when you check your email does nothing except verify that you are using the "bounce" feature from the other Spam Blocker. The real MTA transaction was completed hours earlier, and your email address was already verified as being deliverable to the spammer.

The conclusion is that the other Spam Blocker's "bounce" feature does nothing to help you reduce spam you are "bombarded" with every day but only contribute to email abuse.


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