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Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Email Deliverability in 2020

This is the guest post written by Iuliia Nesterenko.

In general terms, email deliverability is an indicator that tells you if your emails are successfully being delivered to your recipient’s Inbox.

Different email clients have a different Inbox structure: Gmail has 5 default categories (3 basic and 2 optional); Outlook allows to create 2 tabs; Yahoo Mail offers a tabbed interface where you can create a tab based on your own emails; other clients have their own categories. But whatever the client, emails are considered delivered if they land to Inbox or any of its tabs and not to Spam.

Enhance Your Email Deliverability With These 6 Actionable Ways

This is the guest post written by Nick Dimitriou.

You have created a great looking email, worked hard on getting the graphics right and ensured that your email looks good on all devices.

Wouldn’t it be a pity if it was not delivered to your subscribers’ inbox and ended up in their spam folder instead?

Deliverability is a hot topic for email marketers. Email providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail & Outlook are constantly innovating on how to provide the most productive email inbox to their users, as this is a very competitive market.

What’s Killing Your Inbox Deliverability and How to Improve It Today

No matter how perfectly you design your email, it is a waste of time if the email is delivered to the spam folder where your subscribers won't see it. This unenviable fate awaited one out of five marketing emails sent this year. So, it’s your task as an email marketer to improve Inbox deliverability and performance of your overall email campaign.

According to the email deliverability study conducted by Return Path, global email deliverability rates have dropped from 83% last year to 79% in 2015.