"Clear Your Disk of Temp, Junk and Obsolete Files to Keep It in Perfect Condition"

G-Lock Temp Cleaner searches your hard drives for potentially unwanted files so you can remove them with just one click. Most of Windows applications create temp files on your hard disk when they are running. These files are supposed to be removed but not all programs do it automatically.

Temp files may be accumulated to megabytes since you have begun using your PC. They can eat a large amount of space on your hard drive without you knowing it! This leads to the superfluous fragmentation and reduction of the system performance. In addition to taking space in your system temp, obsolete and junk files can produce very hazardous results if they are not properly cleaned from your drive on a periodical basis. The symptoms that these garbage files can produce include:

  • Lost network and Internet connections.
  • Sudden application lockups.
  • Fatal errors in your applications.
  • Virus like behavior
  • Cross-linked drive references
  • Mysterious Reboots
  • Lost data
  • Out of Memory Errors

G-Lock Temp Cleaner determines these specific types of files which are missed by common disk utilities such as uninstall, "Disk Defragmenter", "Scandisk", etc.

When you uninstall a program, files can get left behind. You really don't need these files because they're associated with a program that you don't even have anymore. Kinda annoying, isn't it? That's why this proggie is so nice. It'll find "junk" files and then let you do with them what you wish. Believe me, ignoring those files results in loss of disk space and a system that won't run up to snuff. Heck, even still-installed programs leave temp files scattered about your hard drive. Jerks! Unlike standard 'cleaner' type programs, GTC also identifies garbage files on the HDD of the network computers. Careful with that option, folks.

— www.lockergnome.com

System Requirements

Any of Windows 32 version (Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7) will fit the software requirements to the system. G-Lock Temp Cleaner uses neither additional drivers, nor undocumented functions. It resorts to only standard Windows API (application user interface). No Linux or Mac version of G-Lock Temp Cleaner is available.