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Schedule Your Email Campaign for the Future

With G-Lock EasyMail Business edition you can scheduler your email campaign for any date or time. The program will start at the specified date/time and send your emails without your participation. For example, you can schedule your email campaigns for a night to avoid the mail server overload and achieve a higher email sending speed.

The Scheduler settings are very flexible. You can set G-Lock EasyMail to send the emails at a regular time interval: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly.

schedule email campaign

Plus, you can stop and resume email delivery automatically — great way to deal with the mail server restrictions on sent emails. Let's say your ISP allows you send 200 emails per hour. You don't need to hit "Send" every hour in G-Lock EasyMail. Just enter the time interval and the number of emails to send at one time and the program will send, stop and resume automatically until all emails are sent.

Another nice option is "Send to new recipients only". If you are constantly populating your email list with new contacts and do not want to send the same message to old recipients again, just check this option and the program will send the message only to new recipients, which were added to the group since the last email campaign. No need to filter the group manually!


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