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How to Connect EasyMail7 with Hundreds Webapps or CRM

How to Connect EasyMail7 with Hundreds Webapps or CRM

Zapier integrates EasyMail7 with hundreds of best-in-breed web services. With Zapier you can easily connect EasyMail7 to other applications you use like Gmail, Google Docs, Salesforce, Shopify, Highrise, PayPal, and whole lot more.

For example, you can automatically add any “new contact” in Salesforce or any new customer from a PayPal sale to the EasyMail7 contact group. In addition, you can subscribe and unsubscribe contacts in the EasyMail7 groups through Zapier.

If you have not heard about Zapier yet, watch this introduction video about Zapier

Now let's see how to make a zap to create new contacts from people sending emails to your Gmail account through the EasyMail7 API.

Step 1. Generate API Key.

Open EasyMail7 and login.

Go to Settings -> User Settings.

Click "Connect" and login with your superadmin credentials.

Click on "Manage Workplaces".

Double click the mouse on the workplace that you want to connect to Zapier.

Click "Generate" to generate the API key.

Generate API key in EasyMail7

Click OK to make the program save and apply the API key.

Important! The API key and Endpoint are unique for each workplace and EasyMail7 Server.

Step 2. Make a Zap to Collect Contacts in EasyMail7.

Currently EasyMail7 works with Zapier by invitation only.

Click here and accept invite.

Create an account on Zapier if you don't have it yet or login to your dashboard.

Click "Make a Zap!" and follow the steps.

1. Choose a Trigger and Action.

Choose Gmail as the application to take contacts from.

Choose EasyMail7 as the application to add contacts to.

Choose a trigger, for example, new email and action "Add Contact".

Click "Continue".

Choose trigger in zapier

2. Select a Gmail Account.

Connect to your Gmail account, test it and click "Continue".

Choose account

3. Select an EasyMail7 Account.

Click on "Connect an EasyMail7 Account".

Enter a name for your connected account.

Go to Workplace -> Manage Users/Workplaces in the EasyMail7, login and double click on the workplace name.

Copy the API key and paste it in Zapier.

Copy the Endpoint and paste it in Zapier.

Click "Continue".

Connect zapier to EasyMail7 account

If the account test passes, click "Continue" to go to the next step.

4. Set a Filter for Gmail Triggers.

Select a Gmail folder to monitor for new emails, for example Inbox.

Enter the search string if you want to generate leads from specific emails only.

Click "Continue".

Set zap filter

5. Match Fields from Gmail Email to EasyMail7.

Select a group in the EasyMail7 (only internal groups are available) to which you want to add contacts.

Match the fields you want to take from Gmail emails and add to the group in the EasyMail7.

"Email address" and "Subscribe status" are required fields.

Click on the "Email address" field and choose "Choose an available trigger field (advanced)".

Match fields to EasyMail7

Choose "From Address" from the Gmail email fields.

Choose "subscribed 1" in the "Subscribe status" field.

To collect names, match the Recipient_Name field and choose the "From Name" from the Gmail email fields.

When done, click "Continue".

6. Test Zap.

Click on "Test Gmail trigger".

After Zap shows sample emails, click on "Test zap with this sample".

If the test is successful, go to G-Lock EasyMail7, open the group and see if the contact was added or not.

If it was added as it should, click "Continue" to go to the last step.

7. Name and Turn Zap on.

Enter a name for your zap and turn it to on.

Turn zap to on

Additional Information

If you are behind a router and installed the EasyMail7 Server on your local computer, you must setup a Virtual Server and define the port 50888 for EasyMail7 on your router for redirection of external queries to your local IP address.

Turn zap to on

Why Drip Campaigns are Important to Any Marketing Campaign

Drip marketing is a kind of lead nurturing that is offered up in a measured campaign. It often takes place over a number of weeks or even as long as a year. The term comes from "drip irrigation," which delivers measured amounts of water during the planting process. With drip marketing, think of yourself as a farmer nurturing seeds that will become plants – or, in your case, clients.

Eight Ways to Avoid False Abuse Reports

Eight Ways to Avoid False Abuse Reports

During an email campaign, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will take notice if just a few recipients click on your message to report it as spam.

ISPs continuously monitor their networks for "abuse" reports, and if your company brings up even a few, they will block you from sending email from their servers. It's a classic case of "guilty until proven innocent", and often results from users who simply hit the spam button to unsubscribe.

8 Common Email Mistakes

Eight mistakes to avoid when writing emails

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It's time to determine if you're making some common mistakes in your email campaigns. Email can go wrong in any number of ways, but fixing it usually doesn't take that long or cost that much money. Many mistakes are relatively simple to fix, after all.

Let's look at eight common errors:

Send Emails to WPNewsman Subscribers Lists

How to Send Emails to WPNewsman Subscribers Lists from G-Lock EasyMail7

G-Lock EasyMail7 is integrated with our WPNewsman newsletter plugin. If you are using G-Lock WPNewsman plugin to collect subscribers using an opt-in form on your website, you can create a direct link to your subscribers' lists from G-Lock EasyMail7 and send email newsletters to your subscribers from G-Lock EasyMail7.

It is useful when:

 You have the Lite version of WPNewsman where sending is limited to 2000 subscribers only.

 You have the Pro version of WPNewsman but your site does not cope with big subscribers' lists.

 Sending in WPNewsman does not work on your site for some reason.

 You want to use autoresponders to send follow-up emails to your subscribers.

 You want to send emails through the Amazon SES API instead of SMTP.

Step 1. Creating Link to WPNewsman Subscribers’ List

To create a link to the subscriber's list in WPNewsman from G-Lock EasyMail7, follow these steps:

Login to your WordPress dashboard.

Click on "Settings" in WPNewsman menu.

Click on the "API" tab in WPNewsman Settings.

Copy your API Key and API Endpoint.

Copy WPNewsman API Key

Open G-Lock EasyMail7 and go to "Contacts".

Click on "Connect to Database" on the menu bar.

Select "WPNewsman Lists".

Create link to WPNewsman lists from G-Lock EasyMail7

Type a group name.

Copy-paste your API endpoint and API key from WPNewsman.

Click on "Get Lists" button.

Get lists from WPNewsman in G-Lock EasyMail7

Select the list in the "List Name" menu.

Click "Preview".

The program show the top 50 "confirmed" subscribers from the list. "Unconfirmed" and unsubscribed users are skipped.

Preview subscribers from the list

Important! When you create a link to a WPNewsman list, G-Lock EasyMail7 automatically takes the unsubscribe link from WPNewsman. You can click on the “Group Links” tab and see the unsubscribe link that will be used for this list. You cannot edit this link.

WPNewsman unsubscribe link in G-Lock EasyMail7

Click OK to save the link to the WPNewsman list.

Step 2. Sending Email to WPNewsman Subscribers’ List

The process of sending the email to WPNewsman subscribers is the same as for any other database.

Create the message.

Use the Merge menu to add the unsubscribe link. As it was told before, the program will insert the unsubscribe link from WPNewsman.

Select the email server account in the “From” field.

Select the database link to your list in the Group menu.

Send email to WPNewsman subscribers list from G-Lock EasyMail7

Click “Send” and choose the sending option.

Bounce emails can be processed and automatically unsubscribed in your WPNewsman lists by the Bounce Handler in G-Lock EasyMail7. You cannot choose the action (delete, insert or update) but if you check the “Enable Bounce Handler Action for each external database” option in the Bounce Handler account settings, G-Lock EasyMail7 automatically unsubscribes bounce emails in WPNewsman lists. Here you can read more about how to setup the Bounce Handler to process bounce emails in external databases.

Copy WPNewsman API Key

Using A/B Split Testing to Optimize Your Email Campaign

How do you know if an email campaign is working?

Start with an email program that makes use of A/B testing, which will optimize your email campaign and convert prospects into subscribers by employing a more systemic approach.

When thinking about A/B testing – sometimes called split testing – the idea is to determine which subject lines, offers, layouts and designs work best to lure subscribers.

When implementing an A/B test, start with a goal, such as increasing the number of people who link to your landing page from 5 to 10 percent. Or perhaps your goal is to convince your recipients to subscribe to your offers and newsletters. Regardless, have a goal in mind before starting.